Monday, 11 April 2011

Peas and Pigs

I'm having a spot of difficulty germinating my peas this year. So I'm taking a tip from my Mum and Frugal Queen and sprouting them first. Instead of eating the sprouts though I will be planting them. We'll see how it goes.
The Challenge went to pot last week as I admitted and Spotty Jug got NO pennies this morning. However, we had a brilliant weekend with lots of jobs done, the main one being moving the Mummy pigs to the other, more grassy, side of the paddock. We re-configured the electric fencing and managed to make a whole big area for the Kune Kunes to join them. Today they are all making friends through the fence, obviously being very careful not to touch it with their noses. There is still some more work to be done but Lovely Hubby will be off work tomorrow and will be able to complete the job.
Liz, the Large Black was supposed to be Jack's 'wife' for the next six weeks but Maud decided otherwise and was quite literally batting her eyelashes at him through the fence. So we let her have her way and she was led through to the orchard. Ten minutes after eating their tea together the 'deed was done' and there will hopefully be the pitter, patter of lots of little trotters in three months, three weeks and three days.
I'm off now to make a pie or two.
Sue xx


  1. Can't help you with peas - or pigs for that matter ! Love how you tell us about the love interests.
    When hubby left for work this morning, he told me that one of the hens ( he doesn't know who is who ) was standing proudly on the trampoline...she must have got up on the compost heap & launched herself over the fence onto the trampoline !

  2. Aren't animals wonderful! So entertaining.
    Maud sounds a real character and I can't wait to see pics of the litter.

    Sft x

  3. AWW more babies..can't wait to see them..lets hope jack did the deed properly..i love watching our chickens..they are so funny..
    glad you had a good weekend and got lots done..feels good to do the little things and what a difference it makes..

  4. That's brilliant Penny, the thought of a chicken on a trampoline she could launch herself all over your veggie beds!!

    Sue xxx

  5. Isn't it strange that sometimes things (seeds) sometimes just don't want to play right!
    Hope the sprouting works.
    P xx

  6. Good luck with the sprouting peas and piglets! You can never have too many leaning pigs for that summer cider drinking!
    Sarah x

  7. Please don't tell me the pies are pig and pea pies!
    Jane x

  8. good luck with the peas , soaking certainly worked for my sweetcorn ...gone from a 1 in 10 germination last year to 9/10 this year

    I agree animals are full of mischief , my quail are hilarious and cheeky with it ....what they wont do for mealworms !


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