Tuesday, 12 April 2011

To set Jane's mind at rest........

To set Jane's mind at rest......the pies were minced beef and vegetable for the boys (we have a house guest for the next three weeks) and cheese and onion for me. So NO pigs in the pies!!
I had a bit of a batch baking session to fill up the freezer, so we have handy meals to cook quickly when we're busy on the farm. I made two beef and veg pasties and my cheese and onion one for last nights tea plus six small beef and veg to go in the freezer, along with three extra tops and bottoms for more pies, ready to fill with whatever we have as leftovers in the fridge.
Not bad from one potato, two carrots, a handful of peas, half an onion and 500g best mince (that cost me just £1.50 from the reduced chiller cabinet). I could have stretched it even further but Lovely Hubby likes his pies really meaty, and I'd hate to disappoint!
Sue xx


  1. Phew! Thank goodness for that!
    Jane x

  2. Mmm your pastries look yummy, a great bargain price for your mince. I am making cornish pasties tomorrow, I hope they look as good as yours.

  3. Your frugal pies look fantastic Sue!

    Sft x

  4. I made some meaty pies with reduced mince..went down well at meal times..also got some reduced carrots and made soup.took your advice and poured it into butter tubs with a freezer bag in it..and bingo i have 2 bags of brick shaped carrot soup stashed away in freezer..had a bit left over that wouldn't fit so i had that for lunch...yours look much better than mine..off to make some butter palmiers..sounds fancy but dead easy and treatalicious,lol..
    love to you and yours..


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