Friday, 29 April 2011

Meet William and Catherine.....

Just one day old.....William and Catherine.....a Lovely Couple.
Here with their brothers and sisters, you can spot William because he is the one wearing the dark Dinner Jacket, our only Lavender Pekin to be born with dark feathers. We have nine chicks up to now and a few more eggs still in the incubator although I can't see any activity from them, but we'll give them more time just in case.
Back under the heat lamp to keep them all cosy.
Live action on this the Royal Wedding Day.
"I say William....I think we should go and get ready now."
Wishing the real Royal couple a lovely Wedding Day and many happy years together.
Sue xx


  1. My gosh those lovely little Pekin bantam chicks are utterly gorgeous. They even have the little pantaloons (as I call them)! I love pekin bantams they are by a country mile my favourite breed of chook. :-)

  2. aww sweet just like the Royal couple today !

  3. I just love love LOVE them!
    ps what a happy day :)


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