Saturday, 23 April 2011

At last.....

At last all the pigs are in the right places.
First thing this morning while they were hungry enough to concentrate on following the feed bucket, I walked the last three of Liz's girls round to the paddock, they saw all the lush grass and didn't hesitate to go through the gate.

Leaving behind their little nursery, straw filled enclosure.

So now we have all the girls in the Paddock and all the boys including Jack the boar, and his current 'wife' Liz in the Orchard. Makes life so much simpler.
The highlight of all this moving is that Miss Piggy is now her Mum's best friend and they go everywhere together, they look like Little and Large, it's lovely to see such a close relationship.
They are all enjoying this sunshine and spend the day alternating between lying in the shade and basking in the sun in their mud-filled wallow.
Not a bad life eh!
Sue xx


  1. Thank you for another lovely post about your pigs Sue. I love reading them.

    Sft x

  2. ...a pretty " Good Life " I should say Sue !

  3. Happy Easter! Looks stunning! Also a great giveaway over at Me Old China which ends on tuesday x


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