Wednesday 27 April 2011

Feasting on the Beauty

At the moment the farm is in full bloom. Blossom is on virtually all the trees and we are literally feasting on the beauty.
Something I'll have to do a lot of next week when the food cupboard is almost bare. ~ Will you join me in raising money for lots of different organisations that are helping to fight world poverty. I chose The Salvation Army International Development - UK fund as my cause because they help people to help themselves, and I believe strongly that those who really want to do well in life but can't through no fault of their own deserve a helping hand sometimes. We all do. ~ For more information click HERE or to sponsor me click on the 'Below the Line' image in my sidebar. I've been busy planning my food purchases for next week. You can't get a lot with just £5, but I hope I'll be able to get enough with careful choosing. Thank goodness for supermarket Value lines and homegrown goodies is all I can say at the moment! And THANK YOU to Lovely Hubby for going on my fundraising page and sponsoring me yesterday. Sue xx


  1. Dear Sue
    Thank you for your lovely comment at mine - though do I really have to wait at least 18 more years ???
    Like you, I'm loving all the blossom - hawthorn blossom and apple are my two favourites :-)
    Have a lovely week,
    D x

  2. 'YAY', Sue!! Have you menu planned yet? I am looking forward to seeing what you can create!
    Jane x

  3. I am also looking forward to seeing your menu planning.

    Sft x


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