Saturday 30 June 2018

Simply that ....

I've given up explaining,  and not all questions that are asked need answering.

You take me as I am. 

Simply that.

Sue xx

Thursday 28 June 2018

Water, No Water, Clutter, Less Clutter - Edited

Posting because I feel like posting.


Yesterday, on the third day of water pouring from our property across the patio and down onto the road into our roadside drain, where it can water no flowers and do no bloody good whatsoever I decided to do a job I had been putting off for ages.

Sort out our HUGE collection of Dvds.

Now Dvds are pretty much going out of fashion so you can pick them up for a song, just £3 each in Asda or Tesco if you wait for a couple of months after release before you buy them.  Even better they go for anything from 20p to a pound at a car boot sale ... although the girl who thought I would pay £15 for the boxed set of the Walking Dead must have confused me with John Gray.  So over the years I have built up quite a collection.

I love to settle down with a good film, and most of my collection are films that I will watch again and again, but they were taking up too much room.  And the clutter-y look weighed me down, yes ... even though they were behind closed doors in the cupboard.

And not just in that cupboard at the top, also in this drawer.

And on this little shelf in the spare room, where I retreat to watch films if Alan is watching rugby.

So I set to, to sort this out while the workmen finally started digging to find  the cause of our deluge.

A couple of hours later all the Dvds from the covers in the cardboard boxes were safely nestled in the little black carry case.

And another couple of hours saw the rest of them following suit.

Now the cupboard is much clearer.

And the only Dvds still in their original boxes are the large boxed sets or the few that I want to stay in their original cases for the information on them.

Oh and the little pink weights did go back in the cupboard ... after I stubbed my toes on them once too often while they waited on the floor!!

Next I did my Cd collection, quite a small one now I use our Brennan and have discovered downloads but still a few I wanted to keep.

Just as I finished the guys found the root of the problem and finally sorted it out.  A manufacturing fault on the blue water pipe.   That teeny, tiny little hole has a lot to answer for.

But it did mean that I got stuck into a job I had been putting off for ages.


I  thought I would just edit this post to add that although the insurance appointed workmen fixed the leak and managed to restore water to the house, in the process they completely removed a valve they said was faulty ... it turns out this valve was all that stood between us and seriously high and very damaging water pressure.  

We now have no ceiling in our hallway after a deluge from the upstairs toilet.  Thank goodness I'm married to an engineer who cleaned out the valve and replaced it as soon as he got home.  Now we just have to wait for floorboards and carpet to dry out and for a new ceiling to be installed. 

Now I'm away, and poor Alan is at home sorting this second mess out

It never rains ... literally ... but it pours.


Don't expect me regularly.
But do look out for me now and again.

Sue xx

Friday 22 June 2018

The Net Tunnel - June 2018

The Net Tunnel June 2018

Fully planted.

To the left from front to back -

Baby trees in pots (just visible)

Red Onions

In tyres - Courgette/Leeks/Carrots

In front of tyres - Two Aricula Primulas


Two Cucumber plants

In front of courgette and cucumbers - Lavender (Hidcote)

Strawberry Bed

To the right from front to back -

Pots and tubs of Potatoes

Ox -Eye Daises


White Onions


 In the centre -

Bath containing Carrots

3 Blueberry Bushes

To the left of the front doors -

Tyres containing a Courgette plant

... with a supervisory Pug looking on

To the right of the doors -

Tyres containing two Cucumber plants

Opposite both Tunnels - 

Red Currant bushes

Sue xx