Friday 30 January 2009

Before and After (well nearly)!

Jasons' room before we moved in.

The first room we decided to tackle was Jasons' room.

He's been working really hard to help us with this move and has offered to do so much to help us with this change of lifestyle that we thought the least we could do to make his life more comfortable was to get his room ready, (well that and the thought that he could play all his weird and wacky computer games in the privacy of his own space and leave the main television available for us).

First we had to really clean it, it had been the habitat for SO many spiders, but after a good wash down and a very thorough hoover it looked quite presentable, so the bed went up on moving day and comfort from the first night was guaranteed.

Hubby assembles bed.

Then the decorating could begin, it was just a bit of filler, a bit of a rub down and then lots of brilliant white emulsion for the ceiling, brilliant white satin for the woodwork and our very own special mix for the walls (10 litres of Dulux brilliant white satin emulsion mixed with .5 litre of Dulux 'Cookie Dough' satin emulsion) which we have called 'Milky Latte' so named because of its colour resemblance to the gallons of the coffee we drink!

Jason's huge new wardrobe, it came with the house, too big and much too heavy to be moved.

Then Jason could fill his huge wardrobe with all his clothes, books and all the accumulated stuff a university graduate acquires in his time away from home.

The 'Almost Finished' room.

Well that's it for now, the room is fresh, bright and just awaiting the finishing touches, curtains, Jason's bits and pieces that are still in boxes and his lovely assorted posters and souvenirs from our trip to Italy, bought specifically with a new room in mind.

As you can see Toby the cat approves!

Sue xx

Thursday 29 January 2009

New Beginnings

Resourceful sea-dog (Engineer) and hard working city chick (Retail Manager) (Married) wishing a radical life style change, seek 3 bed property with space to live the ‘good life’ (veggies and chickens), ideally in a rural setting or on a farm in the Oxford, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hampshire area.

Willing to upgrade and refurb property in return for a realistic rent. Contact the old sea-dog (Alan) on -----------
or e-mail -----------

We're here.......Our New Life in the Country starts now! The above advert that we placed in the Farmers Guardian in October of last year started the ball rolling and it has gathered momentum ever since.

We moved in on Saturday and left our old life in the lovely town of Ulverston, Cumbria behind. Now we have to get our overalls on and get this lovely old farmhouse knocked into shape, the decorating is already in full swing. 
The animals, Toby the black cat, Archie the fluffy black and white cat and Sophie the lovely black and white Border Collie are slowly getting used to each other, the house and the immediate surrounding area. Back in Ulverston we only had the cats, with Sophie being a weekend visitor that the cats could avoid if they wanted to, now they are stuck with each other all the time, chaos is all around.

We have plans....lots of plans, for the house, the land and then the acquisition of livestock. We have the house to completely decorate, the land to clear, and then raised vegetable beds and a chicken house to build.

This blog is going to follow our progress from townies to country folk, it will follow the laughs, the tears, the inevitable mistakes but most of all it will follow how with love, laughter and a willingness to chuck yourself in at the deep end you can change your lives for the better.

Sue xx