Thursday, 18 September 2014

Planting - Low Spend Day

Although this is No Spend/Low Spend September some spending just has to be done.
In order to keep us in garlic for next year the cloves have to be planted now, so yesterday saw me sat on the bench in the sunshine separating out all the individual cloves of garlic from the bulbs, counting as I went ....

..... and then on my hands and knees planting all 71 of them out into the middle raised bed.  A whole bed full of yummy Garlic.

And nearby is a whole bed of Leeks.

If you look closely you can just about see them.  Eighty Five leeks in total, enough to keep us going for a while.

I was watched whilst I worked by two little doggies enjoying the sunshine. 
Suky the Pug was fast asleep at the bottom of the hill and Rosy was running around in the woods chasing rabbits, but these two need a bit more supervision so they are tethered when I'm working on the hillside alone just so I can get on with what I'm doing and not have to worry about them and the road.
So it might have been a 'Spend Day' but it was most certainly a 'Low Spend Day' when you consider that the heads of Garlic (if they all come up) will cost me just over 8p each and the leeks will cost me just under 12p each.
It's good to get my hands in the soil again, I was worrying my green fingers would have gone rusty ;-)
Sue xx

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My 23p Gourmet Pizza

Determined not to spend at all yesterday I rummaged through the freezer just before teatime and came across the boring little pizza above.  It cost me just 23p as a 'reduced to clear' bargain way back in May, bought during my '365 Days - £365' challenge.
But I couldn't just eat it like that now could I  ;-)
So two tubs of recently grated cheese were pulled from the fridge, a couple of teaspoons worth of Pesto was discovered lurking at the bottom of it's jar and I used a couple of the gorgeous Sundried Tomatoes gifted to us by Sarah on her recent visit as well as a few leaves plucked from the Basil plant on the kitchen window sill.

There ... now doesn't that look better!!

It tasted divine, so my 23p bargain pizza with odds and sods from around the kitchen made for a wonderful tea last night.  Yummy, yummy, yummy pizza in my tummy :-)
Sue xx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Poppy is a Naughty Girl

This is Daisy ..... all alone.
She used to hang around with her sister all day but now Poppy has turned into a naughty girl, she has her breakfast of layers pellets and then vanishes.  The first time she did this I was really worried and thought she had been taken by a fox or had an accident.  But that night and each night since, she has come home, had her supper and then gone to sleep in the henhouse as though she hasn't been away.
Daisy used to enjoy spending the day with her sister ....
.... but now she spends it instead with their husband, who she has all to herself while naughty Poppy does whatever she does while she's away from the flock.
Chickens ..... a law unto themselves!!
Sue xx

Monday, 15 September 2014

Indiana Jones and the Blackberry Picking Sweet Potato

Every time I pick Blackberries I'm reminded of the Indiana Jones films where invariably the baddie ends up dangling over a hole, on a cliff face or in some other perilous situation that requires both his or her hands to extricate them from it, and without fail they hold on to the treasure and plummet to their sure and certain death.
It's just the same with Blackberry picking .... only the dropped fruit doesn't scream as it vanishes to land with a thud on the soil beyond the fence and just out of safe reach to re-acquire it.  I know now you've think I've totally lost it .... yep, my brain works in strange and wonderful ways remembering everything I've watched, seen or read about and putting it into different contexts.
But next time you're Blackberry picking and you have one purple stained hand full of luscious juicy blackberries, drop them into the basket or bag you are carrying before you reach for that huge juicy specimen that is a full stretch away, that way you will get to keep all your treasures and all your Blackberries will end up in your basket and not lie on the ground waiting hopefully for a little creature to discover it before it rots away.
In other news ..... the No Spend/Low Spend September is going well, we had a couple of days amnesty while we took ourselves on a mini break to Anglesey, but saying that, the only thing we actually spent any money on was food and drink, and the only 'souvenir' we bought back were three matching hooks that we have wanted for the spare bedroom for a while, discovered quite by chance in a lovely little arty crafty shop in Beaumaris. 
The Sweet Potato in the picture was discovered in the cupboard hiding with a couple of it's comrades, I bought them weeks ago and they are only just getting used.  Another reason why I want to stop this over stocking of food!!  And do you know ..... my sweet tooth has gone so much that these are now almost too sweet for me to eat.  I had to salt and pepper it to death to make it edible, I think it's back to normal spuds for me!!
Sue xx

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I'm almost back.......

Mavis and Charley say Hi !!
Normal service will be resumed tomorrow now that Lovely Hubby has sorted out our computer .... it lives to Blog another day :-)
Suky and Rosy say ... Bye !!
Sue xx