Thursday, 29 January 2015

Thank You

Thank you for all the kisses for Charley, knowing you are all out there and knowing you care enough to do that means so much to us both.

*** *** ***

In my little 'Pug jug' on the kitchen windowsill are a few of the flowers I won in the draw at the Maenan Garden Club Winter meal on Monday night, the rest of them are with Charley in her final resting place, which is just to the right of the wooden trim you see in the photo.  The two larger clumps of Snowdrops on top of her were transplanted there by Lovely Hubby when he discovered them blooming unappreciated next to his wood store.

I can see where she lays, and the snowdrops that are blooming next to the stone we laid there to keep her safe, every time I am near the kitchen window.  Archie the cat is buried to the left of the birdbath, the rest of the bed contains rhubarb and strawberry plants, and now Charley is buried just outside it.  They never met in life because Archie died the day Mavis came to join our family, and months before Charley did, but knowing they were both so loved by us and are now together brings us some comfort.

The house is quiet and the dogs are subdued at the moment, they keep close to us when they can and snooze the days away in their beds when we are busy.  We have had to buy new mattress pads for the beds as Rosy would not sleep in them without Charley.  

You don't realise the life and vitality a puppy brings to a house until it is gone.  But there was some excitement for them on Wednesday when our son Jason came to visit and stayed over for a night, they love him to bits and he loves them right back.   A cold and windy dog walk on Llandudno promenade brought them round for a while, but now he has gone home and it's as though their batteries have run out.

Suky's face for once sums up how we all feel.  There's no hiding sadness in a Pug's face, they can look sad when they are happy, but when they are sad the light in their eyes goes out.

I will be back blogging on Monday, hopefully by then I will be able to get my mojo back .... at the moment I think it is lying on the hillside just outside the kitchen window.

Sue xx

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Two Kisses for Charley

We have just had the saddest of sad weekends.

Charley our beloved little Chug puppy unfortunately ran into the road on Sunday afternoon and was hit by a car.  Luckily the vet was at the practice and we managed to get her there and get her pain relief really quickly, but after a night at the vets on sedation and pain relief, then a second vets opinion and lots of discussion, we had to come to the sad conclusion that the best thing for Charley was to be put to sleep.

The hardest decision any pet owner has to make and yet somehow you pull yourself together and make it.

So there's no more running with Suky and playing by the house.

No more cuddling with your bestest buddies on Mum and Dad's bed ...

... and no more basking in the sun with your big sisters keeping you safe.

Sleep well little Charley ... you were loved.

She is now buried on our hillside, wrapped in her favourite blanket with all her favourite toys with her and surrounded by the most wonderful display of snowdrops.

*** *** *** *** *** 

30th May 2014  - 26th January 2015

Please don't leave comments ... I couldn't bear to read them, if you want to let us know you have called by please leave two kisses for Charley.  xx

Sue xx

Friday, 23 January 2015

What a Dog's Life!!

All our dogs except Rosy seem to be able to watch television and understand what is going on.  Their favourite programmes obviously are anything with animals in them, and they will sit enthralled for an hour or more if animals keep turning up.

Rosy hears things on the television and responds to the sounds but unlike the others she just doesn't put two and two together and sit and look at the picture.  

We thought it was just real things they liked to watch but now we've realised they all recognise cartoons of every type.  Their favourite film over Christmas was '101 Dalmatians', I really didn't think the flat drawing style of the old Disney cartoons would have caught their attention the way modern more lifelike cartoons do, but they seemed to get really excited by what they saw.

Of course after some serious viewing they all tend to nod off and spend the rest of the evening like they spend most evenings, cuddled up on the sofa with me.

This is Suky watching Kirstie Allsop who was wearing a big furry hat in one of her Christmas programmes .... Suky was convinced it was an animal and stared intently at the screen every time she appeared with on her head.  :-)

It's not a bad life is it, snuggling up in front of the television and the log burner on the cold Winters nights we've been having.  

What a Dog's Life!!

Sue xx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Happy Birthday Graham

I'm off on my travels today to visit Manchester to see Mum, and my lovely little brother Graham.  Together we are going for a meal to celebrate his birthday.

Why you might ask is he wearing walking boots and a natty looking camera slung round his neck on this, one of my favourite photos of him.

Well because when he's out and about in the nice days of Summer he goes after shots like this one.

Taken in the Lake District and a really good seller when I used to sell some of them through my little shop in Ulverston, Cumbria a few years back.  My brother the talented photographer ....  I bet he tears his hair out at some of the pictures I put on here!!

Happy Birthday Graham.

Sue xx

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Almost Blowing the Budget

I had a £4 off a £40 shop coupon courtesy of Lovely Hubby, who when he buys fuel at Sainsbugs always foregoes the ease of the 'Pay at Pump' and instead goes inside the shop to pay ... just on the off chance a coupon will spew forth from the till.

It did, and I tucked the coupon into my purse.  As I needed fuel when I got to the supermarket I thought I wonder if this will work for me too.  So I went into the shop to pay and lo and behold I got another coupon, this time £6 off a £60 shop.  Now I thought long and hard about what I could possibly need that would make me spend £60 and I went in to the shop open minded about what I would buy.

( I only found out recently that as long as you spend the amount of the highest offer voucher, all the others will be accepted at the same time.  So in this instance I got a total of £10 off my £62.45 shop and double Nectar points on the whole amount as I had a coupon for those as well.)

I had a small shopping list of grapes, milk, soft cheese and coffee, all things we really needed but other than that nothing that would bring my total even close to that magic £60.  Then on my way round store I spotted the things that were on offer, and it turned out I could buy a new fitted sheet for our bed at half price, ours has gone uncomfortably bobbly and worn, shower gels and toothpaste of our favourite brands were all less than half price, so I stocked up for the next six months, and new dog collars for the pooches in my life just shouted out at me from the shelf.

I have to keep some spares in the house as Rosy is apt, every now and then, to leave hers down a rabbit hole.  So if you ever see a wild bunny wearing a red and white spotty collar you will know it popped out of a rabbit hole in our neck of the woods and picked up Rosy's while making a snappy exit!!   ;-)

Oh, and I have to confess to a new jumper for me ... well it look so good on the mannequin in the doorway and looked so incredibly cosy.  

Sainsbugs customer 'tempt them in the doorway' technique 1  -   Sue  nil

Looking at the food part of my purchases I thought I had blown my budget, after all I had only £37.81 left of my Mini Challenge budget, available to spend and on the drive home with two exhausted dogs snoring away on the back seat of the car (we had stopped off for a walk in Rhos on Sea and walked a lot further than usual, hence our being in Sainsbugs neck of the woods) I was wording in my head today's blog post.  Title ..... 'Blown the Budget', text about how I could not resist the tasty bargains that I had found and sorry but the challenge was over a lot sooner than expected.

Well to my utter delight after taking away all the non food items I was stunned to see just the above things left on the worktop, virtually all included in my Capsule Kitchen (not the Ryvita crackers) and all just coming under the available allowance.

So I spent ££36.53 and I have remaining £1.28.

Not a lot is it, but with my 47p T*sco coupon I should just about be able to last another week, if I just buy milk and a couple of bananas next week.

As is my way the breaded fish portions were individually wrapped and added to my 'fish box' in the freezer, reminding me that I have yet to make my freezer inventory.  Something I think is vital now that I have just about ran out of money and it will be nice to have a list showing exactly what is in there to save me standing with the lid open wondering what to cook.

This picture reminds that someone asked did I know of any freezer labels that didn't peel off and lose themselves in the depths of the deep freeze, leaving you with lots of boxes and packs of unidentifiable freezer objects.  Why not do as I do and simply snip off the part of the label on the food packet that describes the contents and pop it in the box or bag with the food you are freezing. 

 Sometimes I write on the label what each item has cost me for budgeting purposes, but after buying these particular fish portions constantly for a while now, I know for a fact that they come out at 83p each.  Which makes for a nice cheap tea when combined with either a leafy salad or a few chips and garden peas.

'Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves' ..... a good mantra for me to keep in mind with only £1.28 left to spend  :-)

Sue xx