Saturday, 6 February 2016

More Free Seeds

I only posted here the other day about my subscription magazine arriving and the free seeds attached to it ... and of course my free elastic band.    And now look .... deja vu ... just a different magazine, my new Christmas present subscription.  This time there are £9.95 worth of free seeds, four different kinds of Tomato seeds and one pack of Basil seeds 

... AND another free elastic band!!

My seeds tin is now bulging at the seams with enough seeds to last us for another few years.  I am carefully putting the 'use by' date on the front of each pack before filing them away in the tin, not that I stick to these but I do try to use them in date order whenever possible.

One things for sure we won't be short of tomatoes this year, as long as the sun comes out and growing conditions improve.  Although it's hard to imagine the sun ever coming out again at the moment, we have had virtually non stop rain for months now, it's depressing, demoralising and downright dangerous.  Lovely Hubby has slipped in the mud quite a few times in the last few weeks, meaning lots of loads of washing and a few aches and pains .... not to mention a cracked rib ... ouch!!

Google Image

The only reason I haven't gone over is that I mince about the place as though I'm walking on ice, it's the only way to get around Chicken World and some other parts of the fields, it makes things safer but must look very funny to the people driving past.  Oh well better to be a laughing stock than up to my thigh in plaster!!

Sue xx

Friday, 5 February 2016

Role Reversal

In a complete reversal of roles Suky was sleeping almost on top of Mavis yesterday.

They are funny little things both squeezing themselves into the smallest of the dog beds when there were two empty large dog beds next to the Aga.  Oh well they must have been comfy, they stayed like this for quite a while.  

Who needs a duvet when you have one of your best friends to cuddle into.

And while I was crouching down to get the photos we got photobombed by a certain Ginger chappy after a drink of water ;-)

Sue xx

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Prezzies Through the Post

Since we've cut right back on our spending during our year of 'Living Without' the postman hasn't called very often.  What he has brought has been bills, circulars, the odd building control certificate of compliance and well, lots of really boring stuff .... except for the occasional highlights of the Radio Times and other magazines bought on subscription last year.  There have been no exciting Amazon parcels with books for me, no surprise deliveries of things that Lovely Hubby has ordered from Ebay or Amazon and forgotten to tell me about.

So when he knocked yesterday and the dogs did their customary bark for all your worth and run from door to door to try and get to the intruder with the red jacket before Mum does thing I was pretty surprised.  And look what he had that wouldn't fit through the letterbox!!

 A regular reader and blogging buddy Veronique sent me a lovely present, well assortment of presents actually, all packaged in the snazziest of padded envelopes.

She's been having a good sort out and declutter during an enforced period of time off work after what sounds like a very scary and traumatic accident and the problems resulting from it.  And even though she's been so poorly herself she thought of me, how lovely is that :-)

She wrote me a nice chatty letter and enclosed some of my favourite toiletries, a how clever of her to remember that these are my absolute all time favourites, and one of the few perfumed products that my sensitive skin can cope with.   There was also a nice padded mat so I can put all my preserves on the worktop with their damp bases after bottling, and a book that looks like it should make for an excellent read.  I have heard of it but do not have it in my, ahem ... rather large book collection.

Lovely gifts, but what is even more important to me a lovely thought from a long time reader that I have considered as a real blogging buddy for quite a while.

I do hope you are feeling much better now Veronique and THANK YOU for your lovely gifts.

And Suky says 'hello' to Isabelle.

Sue xx

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A Manifesto

(found on Facebook)

How true is this.

My manifesto, my mantra ... my life.

Sue xx

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Free Elastic Band

The postman delivered lots of freebies yesterday, there were the coupons talked about on my other blog HERE and my Kitchen Garden magazine for March with it's free elastic band .... which was wrapped around three packets of seeds to the value of £5.35!!

I'm keeping tabs on all the free seeds I have had over the course of this subscription and it will be interesting to see what the value adds up to at the end.  I'm not sure if this is the last copy or if there is another couple still to come, as I have not had a letter begging me to continue with the subscription I'm guessing there is at least one more still to come.

 I called in the polytunnel on the way back from walking the dogs around the paddock this morning, and for a change I decided to go for a carrot based soup for this weeks lunchtime soup.  I usually make it on Monday but this week I still had a large portion left from last weeks soup pot so I decided to wait until today to make a fresh batch.  I was going to get a handful of carrots .... but after pulling the first two out and finding they were whoppers I decided that two would be enough.  

If only I had had such big carrots for the two vegetable shows I entered last year.  I think I will have to grow some special 'show carrots' this year starting them off a little bit earlier and planting them in a tall container to get them nice and long and straight ... and of course they are so much easier to chop or peel if you want to when they are like this instead of having 'twisted legs' or 'Siamese twins'.  There's something very satisfying about still eating last years homegrown carrots and having free seeds arrive for some more carrots for later on this year.

And these free elastic bands really are adding up, I shouldn't have to buy any for quite a while  ;-)

Sue xx