Sunday, 21 December 2014

Everything Is All White .....

Everything is all white ..... the room has now been painted with three coats on the ceiling and two on the walls, the woodwork has all been sanded down and re-glossed, and the lights are being fitted.

Tomorrow will be the first 'ta-da', there is a little bit of work to finish off the windowsills, which are being topped with the same worktop as in the kitchen to make a bench area around the table, but that is on order and hopefully will be fitted in the New Year.

In the meantime it's white and at long last clean.  We spent yesterday scrubbing the windows and frames to get the spashes of set plaster off and now the room smells lovely.  Clean and fresh and ready, almost, for using again.

Ginger, the cat has been brilliant throughout all the renovations.  

Moving his dining area, which is always on top of the freezer so the dogs don't empty his 'eat when you want to' food dispenser, only caused him momentary confusion.  His bed was placed on top of the freezer too, just to give him somewhere he doesn't have to share with the dogs to sleep, although he usually chooses to snuggle up with Suky if it's a chilly night.

He ate and slept amid builders tools and confusion and didn't once get stroppy.  We are so lucky to have this totally laid back cat in our lives.

Here's someone you haven't met before ... this is Bertie, Charley's brother.  

We still keep in touch with the guys we bought Charley off, and Bertie's human Mum is called Lynette a workmate of Lovely Hubby's so we naturally keep in touch with her too,  and exchange photos of the pooches to see how they are developing.  Both are very confident, happy and content little dogs, this is what you get when you buy from someone who raises pups because they love raising pups and not just for money.  There are lots of similarities in the two but as you can see lots of differences too.

One of the biggest differences in Charleys life is that she is never alone, she has all the other dogs with her all the time and Ginger the cat too.  I don't honestly think she has ever been left alone for more than a few moments.

Advent Challenge - Day 21

A stencil I found in the office drawer.  I doubt we will ever need it again, but someone else might.

Sue xx

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Cuteness Overload

I know you would much rather see pictures of  the continuing conservatory transformation (yeah right !!)  but today I couldn't resist sharing this lovely photo I got the other day of Ginger, Mavis and Charley tucked in together ready for a snooze on our bed.

I had gone to investigate when it had gone all quiet while I was on the computer in the office, it usually means trouble if it goes quiet!!

Rosy was asleep on the sofa, Suky had been at my feet, until I so rudely disturbed her by getting up and this lovely trio were keeping cosy on the bed.  Seconds after this picture was taken they settled down again and snoozed an hour away.

Makes a change a bit of peace and quiet in this house at the moment.

I'll be back tomorrow with the latest shots of the conservatory.  It's almost finished, yes the end is in sight .... thank goodness ... I hear you all cry!!

Advent Challenge - Day 20

A teach yourself Italian course.  I'm useless at languages, I will try to learn some Welsh one day but the rest have defeated me.  It's gone to the charity shop where it will hopefully raise some funds.

Sue xx

Friday, 19 December 2014

P333 for the Kitchen

The Capsule Kitchen Challenge: 3 months 33 ingredients

I don't know about you but I love it when something captures my imagination and plays on my mind.  The other day I spotted this, a P333 for the kitchen.  Once again Courtney Carver has come up with something, so simple and yet that has the potential to be life changing.

See her posts HERE and HERE on her Project 333 Blog for much more inspiring information about this, thank goodness she is always on my sidebar, I would have hated to miss this.  

In a nutshell .... you choose 33 foods that you will eat (in any combination) for 3 months.  Then you can re-evaluate or move on with the seasons and vary your 33 items if you want to.  It means your cupboards will be streamlined, your shopping simplified and  you can get your health or diet on track by only including the foods you feel you should, or want to eat.  Anything that you use a tablespoon or less of ie. salt, pepper herbs, spices and oil you do not have to include in the 33 chosen items.  I can't wait to read about her thirty three ingredients.  I have yet to make a list, I've been dashing here there and everywhere today,  but in a quiet moment I will sit down pen and paper in hand and see for myself if this would work for me.

Maybe it's the cupboard being full of Christmas treats for us, our family and friends, maybe it's the fact that my freezers are both full to capacity ... well there have been so many meaty yellow stickered bargains to be had recently in the supermarkets I would have been mad not to buy them, as they'll last Lovely Hubby well into the new year and save us a fortune in the long run .... or maybe it's just that I am still on my quest for simplicity, but whatever the reason this really appeals to me.

Our Christmas starts tonight. 

 Lovely Hubby will be on his way home for the Christmas holidays in a few hours.  We still have things to do but we have already decided that we are going to make the most of these dark, cosy evenings to down tools at dusk, stop the household chores and once the chickens are tucked up for the night and the dogs have had a final walk around the paddock, the lamps will be lit, the games will be out and Christmas films will be on the television.  For now there is wine chilling in the fridge and nibbles waiting alongside it ... we might as well start as we mean to go on :-)

Advent Challenge - Day 19

A few bits and pieces that were in the cutlery drawer.  Maybe they will be of more use to someone else, I hope so.

Sue xx

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Inside, Outside

Yesterday I showed photos from the outside of the conservatory, showing our posh new roof, today we are inside, and a good job too it's YUK out there.

It's all neatly plastered and almost ready for a couple coats of paint.  The decorator should be here later today.  Usually we paint everything ourselves but for the minimal extra cost involved this time we have the brother of our builder, who handily is a painter and decorator who will slosh around the white paint and do it for us as part of the renovation package price.

I spent most of yesterday scrubbing off bits of dried on plaster from the window ledges and skirting boards, and sweeping up and then mopping up all the plaster dust that had settled on the floor.

It's nice to see it looking clean at last.

Once everything is painted and I can have a final clear up I will have to start on the kitchen.  With the doorway opened up again everything is covered with a fine layer of plaster dust.  It will be a good excuse to empty all the shelves and re oil them and the worktops before putting everything back and decorating up a little bit for Christmas.

I'll be glad to see everything back in it's rightful place, as I think will the animals.  The dogs and Ginger have coped admirably with all the upheaval.  As long as they can find their food dishes, water bowl and a bed for the night it seems they are happy.

Advent Challenge - Day 18

A telephone answering machine, found lurking in the drawer.  Better for someone to be able to use it than for it to 'lurk' anymore.

Sue xx

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

In the Nick of Time

Our roof slates and ridge tiles are all in place now .....

... the Velux window arrived and was fitted in place.  Not as large as we would have liked but it's there so hey ho!!  And it all happened in the nick of time, as now the weather has taken a real turn for the worse with gale force winds back again last night and heavy, heavy rain.

Advent Challenge - Day 17

A German dictionary.  I doubt I'll ever want to learn German, in fact I don't know where this even came from, but I know where it's off to ... the charity shop with some other books I have sorted.

Sue xx