Friday, 24 June 2016

Sacrificial Cabbage?

I have no idea what this is!  

I'm guessing cabbage, but it could also be a Purple Sprouting Broccoli gone mad, a seed fell through the workbench last year and grew in with the radishes, I had no idea what it was by the time it had gotten a bit bigger so I transplanted it to this bed and watched it develop.  Anyway it's been pulled up now and fed to the chickens ... I just wanted to keep them busy and out of the bloody polytunnel for a while so it was a sacrificial offering.  

It worked and they stayed where they should be and had a great feast while I got on with some planting and re-potting with the polytunnel doors open without having to shoo a chicken out every ten minutes.  The sooner they are back in their original Chicken World and have more to do the better, my Veggie Patch and polytunnel will be safe again.  

Knowing how busy my little lot keep themselves makes me feel even sorrier for caged and barn reared birds ... but even my pampered little crew are not allowed to entertain themselves on my veggies!!

Sue xx 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Fruity Perks

I picked the first three Strawberries off our plants yesterday, well the first three that made it into the house,  I've been sampling the wares for a couple of days while I've been out and about either walking the dogs or working in the polytunnel ;-)

Now three isn't many even just for one person so I had to think of a way to savour them all the more and this is what I decided on for breakfast yesterday.  The three strawberries sliced up, minus a few slices that I accidently ate while the toast was toasting, sat on a good helping of homemade bramble jam, the last jar from the 2010 stash of blackberries. 

It was a bit sweet for me but the slight edge of the strawberries made it taste lovely and fresh.  Not a bad start to the day.

Growers perks!!

Because I've been picking them little and often the plants are now filling with new fruits and I'll be able to gather a bowlful tomorrow .... if I can leave them alone long enough.

Sue xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Updating the Cabbage Picture

I was in the polytunnel the other day when I noticed how big the cabbages were, so I picked one for us to eat and it made me think of the now infamous 'cabbage and me' photo that graces my Facebook page and some of my other links.  So I asked Lovely Hubby to do an updated version.

(If I look tired on it ... it's because I was .... VERY tired after a long morning in the polytunnel, so don't worry Mum.)

The original taken I think way back in 2010.  I noticed that this cabbage is much bigger than that one. 

I guess the original photo will still grace most things as I don't have the energy to go round altering everything it appears on.  But at least I have a new original ...

... and two more rather large cabbages left in the polytunnel  :-)

Sue xx

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Weekend

This weekend saw us doing something we don't normally do here ..... praying for rain!!

Lovely Hubby has been working for the last couple of weeks bringing soil over from our giant soil piles in the paddock and levelling the ground at the back of the house.  It's been a mammoth task even with the use of his little tractor.  Finally this weekend saw things contoured enough for us both to set to with rakes and then fertiliser and grass seed.

Those of you that have been reading the blog for a while will notice that there is something missing from this area ..... the flower bed that we installed by the hedge the Summer after we moved in has now gone, meaning that mowing of the grass will be a quicker and simpler affair in future ... and when you have as much grass as we have this needs to be the case.

We sheltered once from a heavy downpour just after we started and then worked for a couple of hours until all the fertiliser and seed was down, then it started really raining.  Smiling we went in, got dried off and cleaned up and then had lunch .... there was no need to get the hosepipe out as we had been planning.

In the post on Saturday was our second FIT (Feed in Tariff) payment .... it's so much nicer to be paid by British Gas than us paying them  :-)

A reader asked if the solar panels only work when it's sunny .... thankfully as we live in rainy North Wales it is powered by daylight rather than sunshine ... phew!!  And as it is almost the longest day it's working very efficiently at the moment.

Sue xx

Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Conservatory Shelves

A couple of people have expressed an interest in where my new sugar shaker lives so here is a photo of the shelves in the conservatory.

They were made from the offcuts of the wood bought to top the windowsills and which act as a bench for when there are lots of us sat around the table.  Most of our furniture is oak, including the table, bench and although the new Bread and Cheese cupboard is Pine it is almost exactly the same colour, 

Here's a photo of the room taken just after we had finished doing the window sills, the shelves are now on the wall at the left of this picture.  They ended up a bit more cluttered than I originally meant them to be but it's all stuff we love, and anyway there will soon be some more space on them as my large silver Vegetable Show winners cup has to be handed in at the end of this month ready for this year's Llanrwst Show.

Talking of which I better start talking to my plants to get them to grow a bit faster if I want to stand a chance of winnings any certificates this year!!

Sue xx