Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Spinning Water Meter

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Yesterday the large water tank was lowered carefully into the huge hole by the fence and settled on it's bed of just delivered concrete.  As the concrete started to slowly set the tank had to be weighed down by half filling it with water.  It really is the only way to do it, as it settled down in the hole bedding itself into the concrete it sat on, even more fresh concrete could be poured around it.

After having the outdoor tap with the hosepipe attached running  from 9,30am until 4pm, it was just about full enough.  As it's a storage tank that hold 8,000 litres of water I'm glad our water meter is situated out on the main road so I couldn't go and watch as those precious pennies ticked over.

The most infuriating thing was that for the entire time the water poured from the tap to the tank the rain was torrential, if only we had had a giant funnel to stick in the top hole and catch some of it.

Oh well, it will be usable water once the electric pump is attached and we can actually get at it. 

While the water flowed outside the house, inside I kept myself busy sorting through the food cupboards, making a pile of food to take to the food bank and some that just had to go in the bin as it was out of date. While they were empty I gave them all a good clean with my homemade cleaner.

I got the recipe from Elaine at Mortgage Free in Three.

 I decided to write the ingredients on the bottle so it's handy for when I need to make up the next batch.  It works a treat and the vinegary smell soon vanishes, leaving everything squeaky clean and lovely and fresh.

It's simply:

2 fl oz Washing Up Liquid
4 fl oz bottled Lemon Juice
8 fl oz White Vinegar
10fl oz Water

 Just mix together in a jug and then pour into a spray bottle.

So much healthier to use around the house than buying a bottle of commercial stuff that's full of nasty chemicals and artificial whiffs. 

Sue xx 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Today I'm Hoiking Out the Cupboards

The biscuit tin ......

... is actually empty and I'm thinking of using it for the dried dog food.  

The dogs are on three different types of dried food at the moment.  Suky is on her special diet food, which is tasty and not a lot of volume but it fills her up and she seems to be doing really well on it.  The other two are on Iams for volume and a few Bakers meaty chunks to keep Rosy's interest, it seems to be working and for the first time in ages she is really enjoying her meals.

Having three open bags on the go is not ideal, so containers on the worktop with a scoop in each speeds things up no end and it means the bags can be sealed up and kept in the cupboard, thus keeping the food fresher and the worktop neater.

The 'hoiking out the cupboards' title of this post relates to me emptying out all our food cupboards and getting rid of anything that does not fit in with our healthier eating habits.  I found a gift tin of shortbread biscuits yesterday and between us we ate them all,  I'm suffering the consequences today.  Knowing how easily I am swayed by things I love but shouldn't have I have decided to check things with a finer tooth comb and jettison what I know deep down I just cannot eat.

Wheat and milk seem to be the culprits that really give me a gippy tummy, nothing life threatening but why make myself feel yuk, when with a bit of forward planning and a lot of common sense I can feel soooooo much better.

Before I indulged and made myself feel bleugh, we had taken ourselves off to the car boot sale in Rhuddlan.  There was so much tat and junk there but we managed a few bargains.  I just couldn't resist this book it was only a pound and after standing there for five minutes amazed at the drawings in it thought I might as well just cough up the money and finish reading it at home.

The firelighters we use to start the outdoors bonfires and as we had just used the last one on Saturday these popped up at just the right time.  With a new dish for Ginger and a couple of packets of seeds also tucked in our bag we headed off home just £3 lighter and with full tummies, as before we left we crossed the road and had a cooked breakfast in Sainsbugs cafe.  It made a pleasant change on a Sunday morning.

Have you managed to get any boot sale bargains recently?

Sue xx

Sunday, 5 July 2015

A New Mountain In North Wales

A new mountain has appeared here on the old homestead.

I guess it's not that tall but it sure takes some climbing.

There's no rope to hold onto but you can follow the yellow hosepipe that snakes it's way to the top ...

... where at last the polytunnel comes into view.

Then it's downhill all the way.

The reason for the 'mountain' is this enormous hole, dug ready for our huge water tank to be put into.

I could put a lot of Pug feeding builders into this hole before it is filled one third of the way up with concrete at the crack of dawn on Monday morning ... hehehe!! 

  The the tank will be lowered onto the setting concrete and will be half filled with tap water, so the weight of the water will settle it firmly into place.  I would love to watch our water meter whizzing around while that happens ...... no I've changed my mind I don't think I want to see that!!

From the polytunnel side of the 'mountain' the house is neatly visible, and after taking the pictures, planting in the polytunnel and getting various jobs done I crossed the mountain range to get back to the patio.

Where I planted some excess cuttings in pots ..... no wonder I had backache look at that dreadful posture!!

Lovely Hubby had the stand up straight job of attaching the fittings to the new driveway gates.

The patio was filled with  the new posts, which were Hammerite-d yesterday to keep them rust free,  all three gates (two for vehicles and one for pedestrians) and the various fittings, which one by one were attached to the gates.  Thanks to Lovely Hubby's good workings out the specially manufactured posts had been drilled in just the right places for the gates to be hung and everthing fitted.

These posts will be sunk into the ready dug holes at the top of the drive and concreted in place, then the metal work will be surrounded by stone to match the walls leading up the new driveway off the road.  It should look good, we just have to wait for the steels to be delivered for the garage and workshop which will be coming on a very large truck and then we can put them up.

It's been a busy weekend as usual, oh and I'm sorry for the 'blobs' on the first few photos, it was raining when I took them, although just an hour later things had cleared up and the sun came back out at full temperature :-)

Sue xx

Saturday, 4 July 2015


I hoiked my new gadget out of the cupboard and had a go at spiralizing this week.  It worked a treat and on a hot day .....

... a plate full of cool spiralized courgette or 'courgetti' is just what you need.

I don't think I really need one of these .... lol,  but the chickens loved it.

With some homemade Ratatouille it made for a lovely tasty tea.

This post is to take my mind of what lurks near the polytunnel, I'll let you in on that one tomorrow when I've taken a couple of photos of it!!

Sue xx

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Pickled Onions, Driveway Progress and Fattening Up the Pug

I had to pull up all the onions, some yesterday and then the rest this morning.  The bl**dy rabbits had eaten the stems right down to ground level on most of them.  Another couple of weeks and a bit more rain and we would have been harvesting enough onions to see us through a good few months,  instead I will be lucky to get a couple of jars of pickled onions.  Or I might just blitz the lot in the food processor and see if they will freeze as chopped onions.

Today these three trays and one more slightly fuller one containing the onions harvested today, have been sat in the sun drying out.

This is where it gets tough growing your own, all the work I have put into these, planting the sets, weeding and the occasional watering and they have barely had a chance to grow.  It's very disheartening.

Asda sell one kilo bags of red and white onions for £1.  Sometimes I ask myself is it all worth it. 

Meanwhile the driveway is starting to take shape ....

... levels have been worked out and the noise of rollers and diggers has been incessant all day, I was feeling pleased with real, visible progress.  

Then I caught the builders feeding Suky titbits from their dinners ... bread crusts and pastry edges, to say I was annoyed would be the biggest understatement of the year up to now.

I have been carefully weighing out her food for weeks now, giving her exact quantities to help with her weight loss, ignoring those pleading brown eyes whenever I have been eating, and feeling like a mean Mum, and all the time they have been thwarting my efforts and slowing down her weight loss journey.  No wonder her weight has been going down so slowly!

All in all it's been a very infuriating day.

Sue xx