Tuesday, 28 October 2014

No Chickens?

Looking at this picture you'd think we had no chickens, indeed some days I do a double take as I look over to Chicken World and don't see a single chicken.  

They aren't daft my girls,  they are spending the majority of their time in the small wooded area behind Chicken World that actually belongs to our neighbour.  Here they can shelter from the worst of the weather and when it gets even wetter or wilder they make for the hen-house, some of them inside and some of them underneath.

Far cosier than being out and about in the wind and rain we have been having recently.

And with being cosy in mind, we are spending this week filling the log store and stacking piles of cut and split logs behind the wood burner in the living room.  The now dark and long nights, which see the chickens locked up for the night by 5.30pm, means that there is nothing better than curling up with the lamps lit and the log burner blasting out heat as we catch up with our television viewing and book reading.

Sue xx

Monday, 27 October 2014

Filling in the Holes

The view is looking decidedly wet and misty around the house, and the wind is blowing a gale at the moment.  

We have just got back from a long doggy walk on the prom at Llandudno, where quite unbelievably as it's only a fifteen minute drive away, the sun is out and the mild wind is warm and refreshing.  I was contemplating stripping the guest bed and getting all the sheets on the line until we were half way home ... now I think I'll leave that for another day.

I grabbed the camera when I was called outside to help Lovely Hubby with the tape measure as soon as we got back.  We needed to check the measurements for the steel beams that are being manufactured to hold up the new conservatory roof.  The holes in each corner have been filled in with concrete now and are ready to take the steels, which in turn will take the weight of the conservatory roof.  I guess once this is all done we should change it's name, really a conservatory has the type of roof that this has at the moment, perhaps we will go all posh and call it the Garden Room.  

It will be used for our dining table and a small comfy sofa for doggy use once the large chest freezer relocates to the workshop next year.  So I guess it could equally be called the Dining Room or the Dogs Room, but with the doors flung open in Summer leading directly onto what will be a tarmac-ed and plant filled patio area, for me at the moment the name Garden Room is winning ...

.... any other suggestions?  

It's still a mess outside at the moment and you really don't need to see photos of the conservatory floor to know what mess four dogs, one cat and two humans make with their mucky feet each time they step back inside after being outside.

Once the measurements were taken the boards went back over the filled in holes and we retired to the warmth of the house and the kettle went on.  So that's us inside for the rest of the day, we will be venturing out later this evening when we go to the October meeting of the Maenan Gardening Club.  The talk tonight is Welsh Historic Gardens, I'll let you know if Lovely Hubby manages to stay awake through that one  ;-)

Sue xx

Saturday, 25 October 2014


It's been a strange week here, getting back from time away, Mavis' vets appointments, visiting Mum, family staying with us, not much time to post on here or do the smaller things I usually manage to fit in for myself.  But I simply couldn't resist grabbing ten minutes on the computer to show you this magnificent sky.

The sky is so vast here, framed nicely by the hills across the road giving edges to the shots I take with my little 'point it and shoot' digital camera.  The panoramic shot dims and mutes the colours but shows the variance wonderfully. 

 The doggies were all snoozing on the sofa and we were battening down for the evening, as I went to close the roller blinds this was the view that faced me.  I simply had to grab the camera and step onto the front porch and capture it for posterity.

The colours gradually dimmed as the skies went dark, but I had spied the magic and captured it for myself.

Sue xx

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Faithful and True

This picture graphic (from Google Images) is so true, only in my case all the 'he's' and 'hims' need to be 'she's' and 'hers'.  I hope I am worthy.

Mavis is doing wonderfully well, she looks at me with those adoring, trusting eyes as if I can do no wrong and I have put her through all this pain and discomfort during the last couple of days. It's all in her best interests long term but she doesn't know that does she!!

 Going back to the vets today for her second antibiotic shot and a check up post-surgery, there was none of the reluctance our other dogs have shown following previous more painful visits.  In fact she bounded in, tail wagging eager to see the nurse.  Although she did flinch and cower down as the ice cold injection went into the skin between her shoulder blades that happy, happy tail did not  miss a beat ..... the wagging continued. 

She sat in the car yesterday, looking up at me from the passenger foot-well where her travelling bed is ..... smiling.  She has never smiled before, true she had that lopsided grin caused by her strangely angled tooth, but this was a real doggy grin, it lasted and lasted.  It was all I could do to try and keep my eyes on the road as she looked up at me showing all her teeth with her eyes sparkling.

Of course it could have been the painkillers she's on, but I like to think that for the first time in a long while she realised that her mouth felt comfortable and the crooked overcrowded teeth that gave her such bad breath were gone for good.

This could well be Mavis' motto.

She seeks out happiness so well .... and shares it with all those she meets.  Something we should all try to do.

Sue xx

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Poor Little Mavis

Here's Mavis cuddled up to me on the sofa last night with Charley and Suky keeping her company.

It was an afternoon and evening of television watching for all of us.

At first she was curled up in a most awkward way, the vet said her pain killing injection would last for 24 hours, but I don't think it was that effective.  After a couple of hours she was whimpering when she moved, although once she managed to get to sleep she was nice and peaceful.

As well as being spayed the vet managed to sort out her tooth problems.  The large fang that has grown at a strange angle due to her perhaps being hit in the face with something when she was a pup, has been left in place as the vet says it was a strong and healthy tooth and it would have been a shame to lose it.  Instead she took away the little teeth that were around it that had been trapping food and making Mavis' mouth uncomfortable, and her breath almost unbearable.  After all this and a scale and polish it's no wonder she's sore all over.

I had to put her plastic cone on for the night as she is a fit and nimble dog and was managing to lick her wound and nibble at the stitches.  The vet says it can come off when she is being watched, but better safe than sorry over night or while she is on her own.  At least she likes wearing her little jumper, which keeps her cosy and protects her wound.

It's like having a poorly baby in the house, but I guess that's what she is .... one of my furry babies.

Sue xx