Wednesday 17 March 2021

How the Story Ended


After living in North Wales for seven and a half years the country life has come to an end.

Alan decided back in 2018 that he wouldn't be retiring from the day job, and so the time we were able to devote to the land was simply not enough to make it an enjoyable lifestyle.  To do this well you do both have to have a real desire to work it together and both love it equally.

So our hopes and aspirations for the country life were just not to be, so we took the decision to sell up and move on.  We have moved to a lovely little town that I have always loved and which Alan has grown to love over the last couple of years.  Here we have the best of all worlds, a thriving High Street of local independent shops, a regular street market, riverside and canal side walks, quiet country pubs and small restaurants.  Best of all we literally have the countryside on our doorstep and the sea just a twenty minute drive away, and here we are so much closer to both our families ... a bit like where we left back in 2009 really.

So to round it up ... we gave it our best shot, had lots of laughs along the way, decided to change tack and came away with a small profit.  Not a bad way to spend the last twelve years. but not quite what we envisioned when I wrote THIS  post!!

Sue xx


  1. Looks like you can still have a terrific garden! God bless you both!

  2. After many years, I suddenly had a thought to check up on you, "Sue from Our New life in the Country". All change again, so inspiring as always. I wish you lots of luck in your new home and will follow over at A Smaller and Simpler Life. So glad to have found this lovely blog again. Hope you're both well xxx

  3. I have abandoned my veg patch (Haddock's) this year. It had become over used, and hard work. Things can become overpowering, so a move is probably a good idea. Being in Brighton for a few months has made me realise how much work I was doing. So I wish you well. A more relaxed life-style can open new avenues.


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