Thursday 17 January 2019

It's Been a While ...

It's been a while.

But if you've been missing my occasional wild and wacky Challenges.  The snippets of day to day life, including the odd photo of my furry and feathered friends, I have been blogging at a different location for the last few years.

You can find me at ...

A Smaller and Simpler Life

Sue xx


  1. I'm glad I found you.
    Oh those two faces......😀

  2. Lovely! New(ish!) reader, loved reading your blog and will head over to your new one now.

  3. I will miss your old blog.I'll check out the new one. Hope things get better.

    1. Sorry I'm not really understanding this. I've not posted on this blog for over six months, although the blog is staying up and open as it always has for those that use it to read old posts and blog hop from my sidebar.

      Also there is nothing in my life that needs to 'get better' ... unless you know something that I don't ... lol ;-)

  4. LOve the little doggies, especially the one that has managed to shed one sock, lol. wonderful.
    Going over to the new site now.

    1. Mavis just cannot for the life of her keep the back socks on ... she obviously has the wrong shape feet. Rather weirdly, as she has very sensitive little feet, Suky loves her socks ... next I'm on the lookout for some little wellies as she also hates getting her feet wet :-)

  5. So lovely to hear from you again Sue and to see those gorgeous faces. I will pop over to your other blog for a look see :)



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