Friday, 2 December 2011

Meet Suky.......

And here she is..... my lovely extra special Christmas present from my Lovely Hubby.  Did you guess....I think some of you did.  Although I would have loved a goat, or a donkey or even a Llama, I'm VERY happy with my lovely Pug.

Suky cuddling up with her Mum, Bella, both absolutely adorable.

Suky and her sister watching Lovely Hubby writing down some details.

My gorgeous Suky with her Mum and sister (in the corner) having a cuddle before we set off for home.  Her sister is remaining at home to live out her days with her Mum so we didn't feel too bad about taking our lovely Suky away. 

Now Suky is cuddled up with her new little teddy bear having a well earned nap after a stressful day. When she wakes it will be time to meet the other dogs Sophie and Rosy, I think we're in for an interesting evening!!

Thank you my darling Lovely Hubby, my Christmas present is all I ever wanted......apart from four years ago on 4th December 2007 when I got you for Christmas.  Happy Anniversary for Sunday babe, I love you more than ever.

Sue xx


  1. Ah how cute. Welcome to the family little Suky x x x x

  2. She's adorable - look at those big innocent eyes :)

  3. How lovely! Much happiness to all of you x

  4. A dog is for life and all that but...I want one I want one. Suky is adorable.

  5. Oh Sue how absolutely gorgeous, I've always wanted a pug. What a sweetheart, well two sweethearts Suky and LH. Happy Anniversary to you and LH♥♥ Linda xx

  6. Oh, she is a cutie...and lucky us....we get to see her growing up in her forever family!
    Jane x

  7. I WANT HER !!!! I lover pugs, i would like a little black one, i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous ;-)

  8. Whenever I see one of thede dogs, (forgive me Sue), I can't help thinking of the film 'Men in Black', where ther is one of these dogs at a newstand, he's and informer for the MIB team....daft I know!
    Welcome Suki!


    Sandie xx

  9. oh that is far too much cuteness!!!!

  10. I met my husband on 4/12/1981. Must be a good date!

  11. I didn't guess! How gorgeous!

    Sft x


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