Monday 5 December 2011

When the grown ups leave you all alone........

When the grown up leave you all alone, what's a little Pug to do but to get in their nice warm place ....

... and snuggle up to have little doggy dreams...

... about exciting discoveries and giant pussy cats.

Until the lady with the flashy box comes and wakes you up!

Are you going to play with me again then?

Suky xx


  1. Oh Suky is so adorable. I am so envious of your new doggie friend. We nearly adopted a terrier from the Scottish Animal Rescue, but because of our present personal circumstance - at the last moment had to change our minds, I was so gutted. For now I will admire your Suky. We have owners with dogs downstairs, but they don't pull my heart strings. For reasons I have mentioned on my blog :(

  2. We'd love dogs but the cats wouldn't.
    Jane x (xxx for Suky)

  3. Oh Suky you are so cute. It looks liek you are settling in well and I hope that lady with the flashy box played with you for the inconvienience of waking you up :) x x x x

  4. I've popped over from Lauras ( our wee farm)blog. Now that is one cute puppy and I think maybe one spoilt cute puppy in the making. I like the idea of the sealed pot and will look into joining you this year. Thank you. Maa

  5. Suky is so cute. My friend's sister always had Pugs, the little ones were always referred to as Puglets. Ali, a lurker from Shropshire.

  6. what a super little cutie......

    Gill in Canada

  7. oooh Suky is adorable. I love Pugs !


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