Friday 9 December 2011

Putting your head in the lions mouth.....

Putting your head in the lions very safe as long as you trust the lion completely.

When little Suky and Rosy the Jack Russell play together it sometimes seems as though this is really the case.  Rosys' teeth are sharp...very sharp and exceptionally strong, she can despatch a rat twice the size of Suky with one squeeze of her jaws and a couple of shakes of her head. 

But when the two of them play together, those teeth hold Sukys' head, paws or scruff of neck so very, very gently. Now and then of course, things go a little too far and Suky lets out a squeak and Rosy immediately backs off. 

But Suky is straught back into the game, batting at Rosy and ducking and diving.

It's lovely to watch.

Of course we would never let them play like this unattended, but when we're there it's nice to watch them play and set the boundaries of their relationship.

And then they curl up together and fall asleep.

Sue xx


  1. Ahh this is soooooooo cute, bless them x x x x

  2. Aaah, best friends already.
    Jane x

  3. They look so sweet together!

  4. puppy play means a well adjusted grown up dog. Well done Rosy for doing a great job socialising Suky into the doggy world

  5. Ah bless!
    Have alovely weekend all,

    Sandie xx

  6. Hi Sue,
    I love your pictures of Suky & Rosie. Suky looks so tiny compared to Rosie. It doesn't seem that long since Rosie was so wee too.


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