Wednesday 7 December 2011

Pug Fix

Well especially for Sandie, and all those of you who missed a certain little puglet yesterday here is another Pug Fix just for you.

When not chewing my left slipper Suky has been helping with the Christmas decorations..... she finds them very tasty!

She learnt very quickly that if she emptied a box.....

... she would be allowed to sit in it!!

But after a few minutes she decided there had been enough sitting and looking cute ...

... and headed back for her very own shoe box by the Aga, nice and cosy....and she likes the taste of this one.

Live Action from Pug Mansions....I mean the farm.

She's doing really well, eight out of ten toilet trips are on the newspaper now and she's even been for a walk!  She managed about 50 yards before the shivers and the grass just got too much, and being wrapped in Mums' scarf was just so much more appealing, plus you get a much better view when you're lilfted above your normal six inches off the ground, you can watch what the big dogs get up to.

(She can only walk around the farm at the moment as there aren't any other dogs walked on our normal short doggy route and she hasn't had her vaccinations yet, that's to come on  Monday....shhhh don't tell her!)

Sue xx


  1. Totally adorable! The video caused a kafuffle in this house..cats all snoozing in their baskets by the fire....then a whistle comes form my laaptop...and all hell breaks loose!
    Should have had that on video!
    Jane x

  2. Sue- I've been away from the old blog for a while- I come back and this GORGEOUS little thing greets me on my homepage. what an absolute stunner! <3 sooo jealous! i will be pointing the boyf to your page for Christmas present ideas!!

  3. Suky is so sweet. My dog jumped up when he heard you whistling on the video. He looked so funny. He could not understand who was whistling lol

  4. Ha, Ha! Thanks for that!
    Oh I want a little Suky now! I miss my Bobby he was a lovely old fella, wish I could have had him from a pup....ah, memories of a lovely dog!


    Sandie xx


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