Tuesday 20 December 2011

Cosy Evenings

As the year winds down so do we, curling up in front our of open fire each evening, burning through the days rubbish (yes that is a pizza wrapper you see waiting to be added to the fire), we don't have a refuse collection here on the farm, so all burnable stuff helps heat the house each evening, along with our free logs and kindling.

Watching the flames can be hypnotic and as good as any programme on the 'box'.  Over numerous cups of coffee and the occasional glass of wine we enjoy conversations about our day, plans for the future, phone calls made and recieved, all subjects are ripe for discussion in front of the lovely flames.

The animals usually join us on the sofa, but sometimes little Suky will stand in front on the fire, occasionally joined by Rosy basking in the warmth, then curling up together.  Sophie, the Border Collie prefers cold places and sits at the bottom of the stairs near the back door, sometimes when it gets too draughty she will come into the living room and tuck herself up under the desk or at the end of the sofa, but she does not like the heat from the fire.  The cats prefer their little 'wigwams' in the utility room, little beds with a domed tops that trap their body heat and make for a warm and cosy night, with easy access to the catflap should they hear interesting noises outside the door.

"What are you doing Mum?"

"Is this a good look .....

... or should I do my cute one......!! "

Cosy evenings, tucked up at home.....you can't beat it can you.

How do you keep cosy on these long dark nights?

Sue xx


  1. Well I can't go into all the details but we did have an early night last night!

    Seriously, we love cosy nights in front of our log burner. Like you we are lucky enough to burn free wood-pallets and donations are always welcome here!

    Sft x

  2. A cosy fire and several cats on blankets making contented little noises....purrrrrfect!
    Jane x

  3. Sue, So nice of you to share your cozy fire with us! Ahhh, there's nothing like curling up in front of the fire on a cold day. Wish we had one here!

    And Suky is adorable beyond words! That little one could easily be a calendar model!! The camera loves her and it seems like she loves it!! How delightful!

    Don't forget to update your sidebar so others know you have a new addition to your family!

    What a precious gift! You are so blessed!

    Take care!
    Vicki from My Favorite Things (North Carolina, USA)

  4. Hubby by my side, glass of wine, knitting needles on the go and good t.v.....bliss....loving the piccys.

  5. Sft...Haha...almost too much information (but a wonderful way to keep warm)!! Free wood does keep you warmer somehow doesn't it, maybe it's that self satisfied glow after all the chopping as well!

    Jane...you can't beat a contented row of cats all curled up and cosy, I wish our two would join us, but they are very independent critters.

    Vicki.....A good idea I'll pop a picture on the sidebar of her now.

    Knittings Nice.....sounds perfect :-), I love it all, except the knitting, for some reason it gets me all stressed! I know..... I'm strange!!

    Sue xx

  6. before we had the woodburner we had an open fire, and a cat who adored to sleep on the hearth, as near to the heat as she could get (she even used to curl up on the warm embers during the day!)

    One evening I looked up from my reading to see smoke rising from the cat- a spark of wood had spat out and landed on her and she was quietly snoring away while her coat smouldered!

  7. Hi sue..well thats perfect.. your lovely pup is adorable and now the littlies want one..
    I am very lucky in that i have 2 evenings..the first with the tots when they have been bathed and are in pj's all ready for bed..we cuddle up,read a story then off to bed...the second is just me and hubby ..cup of tea for me(can't drink til next yr when tot jr puts in an appearance)..hubby has a milky drink and we talk of our plans for next year..the allotments and what we want to grow..also tot jr is always a subject we never get bored of..boring i know but we are soo pleased and thrilled to be parents again..also the fact that my daughter is expecting too..very exciting times in my life.

  8. Aww your puppy is so cute, we have a lab cross 18mths old, would love another to keep her company. Loving the fire we have just sold our gas fire in our kitchen and our woodburner arrived today (hubbys job over christmas) i am so excited now i have seen how cosy it can be
    Joanne x

  9. Merry Christmas to you and your readers, I'm just stopping by new blogs that i think are interesting. And then ill put some of those on my favorites list to visit again. Happy holidays folks and wishing everyone a healthy new years as well. Richard from a Amish community in Pennsylvania.

  10. Oh yes how lovely it would be to have an open fire here - but this modern house can't accommodate it! I will be making the best of my best friends lovely wood burner on New Year's eve - there's something homely about a fire that nothing else can replicate. Have a lovely Christmas.


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