Saturday 3 December 2011

Saturday cuteness......

Too cute for words.

Well little Suky has met Rosy, Sophie and Archie (he's terrified of her!!).

She's yet to meet Toby (big boss cat) and 40 chickens......I think we'll leave that until later today!

We're off to the Craft Fair today, the first Christmas one of our season.  I have my Lavender and Soap Stall and Lovely Hubby is master of the kitchen again.  He does a good bacon butty.....or so I've been told, they go down well anyway.  He's wonderful at keeping all us hardworking stall holders supplied with free tea and coffee too, what more could you ask of a man?

Tonight we have the ceremonial smashing of the Sealed Pot.......oooh Iwonder how much is in there and what do you think I'm going to spend it on?

Have a good day whatever you're doing.

Sue xx

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