Thursday 1 December 2011

Christmas Tips and Ideas - Week Two

It's Thursday and time to link over to Angela at Tracing Rainbows for the Christmas Tips and Ideas from the Top Tip Team - Week Two.

I Googled 'Frazzled Christmas' and look at the images I got........Do you want to end up like these little moggies?  I guess not and my tip for this week is to TAKE IT EASY.

Christmas should be a time to relax, to celebrate in the way that suits YOU and YOUR family, whether it be religiously, consumerously (is that a word?), quietly, racously, choose your way and be happy with it.  Let no-one else dictate how your Christmas should be.

But what it should be is EASY.  Share the workload, let children get involved, don't just leave them to wait for Santa to drop hundreds of pounds worth of toys down the chimney (or through the 'magic key' opened front door).  Let them make cards, presents, decorations and help prepare the food.  Let them learn that Christmas is about giving as well as receiving....whether it be time, gifts or money.

When it comes to food keep that easy too.  Cook your turkey, your roast or whatever on Christms Eve and re-heat in lucious gravy on the big day, with all your pre-prepared but freshly cooked veggies, then you can eat at a time that suits you not the time that suits some monstrous bird that refuses to cook and means you finally get to sit down halfway through the ten o'clock news.

Have a buffet and laden up a table with sandwiches, salads and nibbles that all the visitors have contributed to.  Arrange who's bringing what or take pot luck and enjoy chomping through 6 trifles and a tube of Pringles...does it really matter.

Life should be fun, it should be good, we should NOT give ourselves the opportunity once a year of feeling inadequate, stressed out and low.  Think of how lucky we are, we have our lives, our health, roofs over our heads and family we can hug and tell how much we love them.

Have Christmas YOUR way whatever that way is .....and as Frankie said ' RELAX '.

Googling 'Frazzled Christmas' also gave me this image - heaven knows what this company does at Christmas to get it's tractors 'Frazzled' !!

Sue xx


  1. Can't agree more - its one day so don't get stressed. Remember the festive Good Life when Christmas got sent back because it was 6 inches short???

  2. Great minds think alike -you are encouraging us to make it Easy and I am saying Keep It Simple!!

    I love the pictures

    Advent blessings xx

  3. I've always found a bottle of "medicinal" champagne does wonders for de-frazzling Christmas!
    Just take one glass whenever symptoms appear...

  4. The pot luck buffet is a fab idea , too late for me this year as I have been squirreling away buffet sized nibbles(homemade of course) for months. A few frozen bits have been added in the last couple of weeks so we will have a simple reheat style supper on the big day(I have 20 people coming )

    I do have 50 people coming on the 30th but that is a pot luck curry night

  5. 50 people for curry.....sounds fantastic, I hope it goes well.

    Medicinal champagne (& cider) very good for Christmas frazzles :-) hic

    It's nice that we think alike Angela I just popped by to yours and thought SNAP!!

    My favourite episode of the Good Life was the Christmas one. I loved that Margo 'sent back Christmas' and I loved even more that she refuses to wear the Sun paperhat.

    Sue xx

  6. I shall be taking your advise this Christmas, sharing the workload and taking it easy x x x x

  7. Great ideas, Sue! I think I'll take Ted and Bunny's advice!
    Jane x

  8. Definitely amen to all that, Sue! I cooked my turkey on Christmas Day for the first time ever last year. But yes, I think I'll go back to the sumptious smell of roast beast feast as lullaby the night before!

  9. such wise advice Sue! I love this post.

    Sft x


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