Wednesday 30 November 2011


Presents.......this is the time of year men HATE, they have no time, no imagination, no idea of what we really want.  We all think we are easy to buy for, surprise me we say.  The two little words men hate most 'surprise me'.

My ex-hubby got it drasically wrong one year, he 'surprised me' with an ironing board, it wouldn't have been so bad (I suppose I did need one), but he had hyped the 'BIG' present up so much and forbade me to enter the shed for weeks, I was in a state of frantic anticipation by the big day.  My face must have been a picture!!

Lovely Hubby panics EVERY year, he knows NOT to buy me an ironing, but he is time short, he works long hours at his 'proper ' job, most other time is spent together.  I try to help, I talk loud and clear about my 'must haves' point to pictures in magazines when we're sat reading together, leave them opened at pages with my ideal gift on, he plonks a copy of Farmers Weekly on top and there goes that subtle hint, lost in a stack of farming implements!!

Well lets see if he reads my Blog this week before he shoots off on his Christmas shopping expedition.... I need....and I want.....warm, cosy gloves.   My little fingers are tingling with the cold after my doggy walk this morning, when I get my main present later this week, sometimes it will need cuddling while we are out, so my hands will not be able to be thrust deep in my pockets.

I want some warm, woolly girly gloves, (a matching scarf would also be really appreciated), I know it won't necessarily be a complete surprise, but the colour and design are all up to you.

Go on ......... SURPRISE ME !!

(What would you LOVE for Christmas or what was your worst ever pressie?)

Sue xx


  1. My husband asked me last night what I wanted for Christmas. My answer was a fridge because we really need a new one. We have two - one is ancient and every time we close the door, a big lump of totally rusted metal falls off; the other is very small, much newer (and was given to us by somebody who got a new fridge/freezer) but has started to freeze eveything of its own volition every now and then (but with increasing frequency). I can tell you that frozen and thawed out cucumber is absolutely disgusting : ) I would like just one fridge that works. Probably the electricity bill would go down as well because it wouldn't be freezing things.

    I would hope that there might be a little bit of something else as a surprise too : )

    His present is what he wanted - the roofbars for the car we have just had to buy as the roofrack from the previous car doesn't fit this one : (

    And yes there will be one or two little surprises for him to open on Christmas Day.

  2. Finances being what they are, we bought ourselves a 'joint' present this year. a bit of portable PA kit we really needed for doing open air carol services and the like. We got it a couple of weeks ago [on offer] and I am afraid that we have already used it twice!! Not desperately romantic, I admit - but I'm OK with it.

    He did tell me last night that he had been researching some crafting gear for me - but after extensive surfing had concluded it was beyond the price range. I love him for checking it all out though!!

    But there will be a TINY present in my stocking, I am sure. Its the thought and love that counts!! [OUR roofbars were our mutual wedding anniversary gift in the summer!!]

    advent blessings xx

  3. I don't think I would have liked an ironing board either.

    I do the magazine thing as well. My OH likes that though, and happily takes the magazine to the shop with said pictures circled.

    Much, much to early for him to think about it yet though!!

  4. I got so fed up with getting what my husband and boys thought I would like (!) that I have made it easy for them and created an Amazon wish list. I have also made it quite clear that they don't actually have to use Amazon, just use it as a guide. Last year it worked beautifully and I had the best prezzies ever! xxx

  5. I'm too intrigued about your "BIG" gift....does it have a heartbeat?
    Jane x

  6. the worst gift was also the best. Before DH and I were married he went to the chocolate shop and hand picked a special selection of caramels just for me cause he remembered that I had mentioned something about caramels that was important to me. what he didn't remember was that I had told him that caramels were the only sweet I couldn't eat because of my dental work. His heart was there to give me through that special gift how sweet I was to him. I could never fault him for doing what he thought was a loving thing to do.
    xxRebecca Jxx

  7. I love your stories, and practical gifts can sometimes be just what we want and there's absolutely nothing wrong with a fridge or roofbars, if that's what you wanted, I would even have loved my ironing board if I had been given a hint that I was getting a pratical pressie!!

    I think the Amazon Wish List is a brilliant idea and I may just have to nip over there and create one for next year...after all we have to give the men a fighting chance :-)

    Rebecca your caramel story is just SO sweet, I bet DH was mortified when he realised, but what a lovely guy to have tried so hard. SOmetimes you JUST know when you have the right man.

    Sue xx

  8. A big cream fleece jacket from hubby beaming away one year at my mum's for Christmas. I looked like a sheep ! I took it back & there was a sale on so I chose TWO fleeces for the money !

  9. On my first birthday after we were married, my new husband gave me a vaccum cleaner. Fifty years later, I never let him forget it!


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