Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Blogging Buddies

Outside the wind is blowing, the rain is hitting the windows as though it wants to come in and join us, it's pitch black and it's 7.45, so what's a girl to do. The chickens don't want to get up yet......would you in these conditions?  So I think its time for another in my all too infrequent series of Blogging  Buddies

And who am I sitting in the spotlight today ..... why the lovely, the irrepressible Penny, from The Henhouse fame.

The reason for the name of the Blog....why she used to have chickens of course, they've all gone now, but they very kindly left behind their house for us Bloggers to go over and have coffee in and we do regularly, sometimes there's even the odd virtual dinner party, you just grab your bottle, your film star of choice and settle in at the Henhouse for a bit of a laugh.

She calls herself a Bad Penny....but in my opinion she's a brilliant Penny, hers is the Blog to go to with a cup of coffee in your hand (please have a cloth of some description in the other just in case you splutter the coffee over your keyboard, you never know what she will be Blogging about), to sit and read, to join in with the questions, to marvel at her dog....who would want to swim in the icy cold water at this time of year....why Dillon of course!  To envy next month as she jets off to Antigua.

So dash over there now before she vanishes to join the rest of her family for her lovely Christmas treat.

Penny's The Henhouse my Blogging buddy of the week/month ,,,,,,,whatever!!

Sue xx

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  1. Oh Sue You have MADE MY DAY !!! Thank you for your very kind words & choosing to mention me here on YOUR wonderful Blog.

    You were been such a help when I had the " girls " I was always asking you hen related questions & you always replied with advice & encouragement.

    I don't think I've ever been called "irrepressible " before ! I was very quiet at school but overcame that & now I like to chat a lot. My Blog is a great outlet to natter with like minded people !

    Thank you so much dear Blogger friend xx


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