Wednesday 23 November 2011

Making Space

As mentioned over here yesterday, I wanted to make space in my freezer by using up the bits and pieces in lots of tubs that were in there.  So using a dish of mashed potato leftover from the other night, when we had Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy, as my starting point, I dug out some of the half empty tubs.

As you may be able to make out I had breadcrumbs, veggie Parmesan and chopped chives, so as I had a tin of Salmon in the cupboard it could be only one thing really.

Luxuriously chunky fish cakes and as I had some veggie fishcakes in freezer a well, it meant we could have the same tea.  We had them with some homemade potato wedges and mayonnaise and they were delicious.

Of course because I had made so many out of my mix it does mean that a box had to go back in the freezer with some fishcakes in, all ready for a quick lunch or supper another day.  So some space made but not a lot.

Today I am making up a large batch of this dried Soup Mix, soaked overnight (you don't have to do this with just the pack but I have added extra dried ingredients into the mix) and then tipped into a pan with stock and any bits and pieces of vegetables I have either in the Kitchen Garden or lurking in the bottom of the fridge, this will make us about eight huge bowls of super healthy soup and at the knock down price of just 25p a bag you can't really go wrong with that can you!!

I bought it from here and my new order arrived yesterday....brilliant as usual.  Some folk complain about the postage saying it wipes out any savings but when you work out how much you have saved in total it's really not worth worrying about.  My order RRP was £104.89, my goods came to £36.10 and the postage was only £4.85, so I saved £68.79 on the groceries......... not to be sniffed at!

Sue xx


  1. I'm one of those who mutter about the postage because I wouldn't pay full price for most of those items anyway. My solution was to share the order and therefore the postage with my son's and daughter's households - everybody happy then.

    I like the look of the fish & veggie cakes.

  2. ha! great minds think alike...I've just used my leftover mash to make cheese and potato pie for supper with smoked fish, and put a huge pan of chicken soup on the rayburn to simmer, having cleared out the freezer of all the pastic tubs of potato and parsnip boiling water I save to use as soup stock and 2 chicken carcases from Saturday roast!

    Enjoy yours

  3. not to be sniffed at at all. I need to look at saving too

  4. This is impressive in the extreme- as I'm sure your seasonal Top Tips will be too! See you tomorrow!


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