Sunday, 6 November 2011

Patchy Blogging

Sorry for the patchy Blogging of late, there's reasons ..... lots of reasons. 

As this Blog is about 'Our New Life in the Country' it doesn't always seem right to encompass all the personal things that go on.  When I do you are always right there with your support, love, prayers and good wishes, but I'm not, by nature, the type of person who goes out of her way looking for sympathy or extra support, I've always managed on my own, helped others and I find it hard to lean on and accept support when sometimes maybe I do really need it for myself.

I'm always there for my family when they need help, in any way I can give it.  I know how hard it is to have help refused so I am opening this Blog post today to just let you know what has been happening here in deepest darkest Oxfordshire and in the corners of England that my family call home, the reason why, for a while I have lost some of my bounce, why things seem a little 'bit too much'.

Simply a list (I can't find any words in me to accompany it).

Losing Mum (Jessie)

Seeing my Lovely Hubby in the depths of despair.

My eldest son sadly splitting from his wife.

My younger son struggling to cope with a bad dose of flu, alone in his home many miles away.

Wanting to get LH back on track with his healthy diet to control his diabetes.

Me being diagnosed with very high blood pressure this week. (I now hold the record in the family 210/110).  It's being monitored this weekend and will be sorted out I hope.

My Dad having a heart attack

The final one could really have been the 'icing on the cake', but he's alive thanks to the quick thinking and the clear headedness of my clever Mum. She noticed the symptoms, listened to his calm words telling her it would be alright and not to worry, ignored them, and did what her head told her to ..... phoned for an ambulance and paramedic. With their help, and that of the wonderful staff at Wythenshaw Hospital in Manchester, my Dad was operated on within hours of the attack and lives to fight another day.

The doctors have said that his healthy diet and lifestyle are what has saved him, running an allotment, minding the farm for us, dancing three times a week, generally being so very active for a man of his age..... almost 81.

What else can I say in this strange post except ..... thank you for reading and I know you will understand any absences from my Blog.

Sue xx


  1. So much for you to cope with - no wonder your blood pressure is sky high. Well done to your clear headed quick thinking mum,the medical team at Wythenshawe and the advances that mean that heart attack patients can be saved by the fitting of stents so quickly.Take care of yourself - if you're not fit and well you won't be able to support others. I know from experience. x

  2. Oh sue what a time your having, sometimes you need to let it all out , I am very like you in that I am the rock the family cling to but learned the hard way you need to share every now and then and allow yourself to be taken care of occasionally......................otherwise who will be there for them! :)

    Pleased your dad is making a recovery, and hope all your other worries diminish as time goes on


  3. Keep your chin up Sue. Life seems to throw everything bad at once, doesn't it.


  4. Goodness me, what a patch to be going through. Hope your BP comes down (with medication if needed) My OH had v. high BP and was rushed into A & E with suspected heart attack (it wasn't) but after 6 weeks his BP has responded well and feels hugely better. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and yours. Please take care xx

  5. Oh Sue, I have nothing to say that will make things any better :( But I'm thinking of you and yours and sending all good thoughts your way xxx

  6. I am sorry to hear of all the troubles piling on at one time.

    Please, PLease! be very cautious with your blood pressure. My thin, fit mother had high BP and hated the fact that the medication made her pee so much during the night. She went off it and had a hemorrhagic stroke. I do and don;t want to scare you. Listen to the doctor. I warn anyone I hear has the same as I would hate for anyone to go through what she did when it is completely preventable. Listen to your doctors and take good care of yourself.

  7. Just.... take care of yourself as much as you can. An awful lot to process and deal with in one person's head Sue, so please don't try to fix it all yourself. You need support too.
    P xx

  8. Oh Sue sometimes the strong ones need propping up. You were so right to tell us so we can support you through these times. So sorry to hear about your dad & hope his otherwise good health aids a full recovery.

    Listen to your Blogger friends. I find they give good honest no frills advice and can offer a listening ear.

    Take care. As Joe said to me the other day, things will get better xx

  9. Thinking of you. Stay strong and try to find time to look after yourself too xx

  10. Oh Sue - so many troubles all at once. Like so many of us, I am also the family rock. One thing I have learned is that rocks also have to care for themselves. Be very gentle with yourself. Try to eat well and give yourself the opportunity to get the sleep you need - not easy with so much on your mind. Get out for walks in the beautiful autumn countryside, shuffle through the leaves and wonder in the beauty of nature. Listen to the doctor and do what you have to to lower your blood pressure. Things will sort themselves and all will be well in time. Love X

  11. You certainly have had a lot to contend with recently Sue. Sending you lots of love and warm wishes and hope that you will be coming out of this dark period very soon. x

  12. What a lot you've had to contend with - not surprising your blood pressure is high.

    I hope things return to a more even keel soon.

  13. Life can be a real bitch sometimes. Just take care of yourself. I like your other blog readers wish you well and send love and prayers to you. Rabbitquilter.

  14. Sue - I follow your blog avidly and miss your posts when you're not around but just wanted to lend my support through the ether to you at this difficult time. isn't it always the case that it's never just one thing that happens, but lots at one time - almost like a snowball down a mountain gathering speed and knocking you off your feet with all its force. A speedy recovery to all of your family members who need it right now and needless to say - to yourself in the hope that your blood pressure levels out. I'm not surprised tho' with all the stress you've been under. Blessings to you and yours. x

  15. Hello Sue,I know it's hard,keep your chin up, you know everyone's here for you,as and when you need us
    Love, Thoughts and Good Wishes
    Sue xxx

  16. ((hug))
    Look after yourself too.
    Hang on in, you'll get there

  17. Hi Sue,
    Sorry to hear that you've had so much to deal with lately, but please look after yourself too.
    I'm the rock in our family at the moment too, but remember that rocks can b worn down or crumble, so please take good care of yourself.
    So sorry to hear about your son's split and your dad's heart attack and I hope Hubby will be comforted by all your love & support.

    We buried Dad last Wednesday & although I feel at times that the bottom has dropped out of my world, I'm trying to focus on the good memories as much as possible. Everyone tells me it gets easier and I'm praying that it's true for both your Hubby & myself.

    lots of hugs

  18. SUE,

    Such a blessing about your dad. xxx

    Sft x

  19. Could not read and not post. I am so glad your Mum decided she knew better than your Dad and that she reminds him of this for many years to come!

    Hope things calm down a bit for you and that you can look after yourself and work on reducing that BP.


  20. Sue, please take good care of yourself♥ You and your dear hubby have gone through so much of late. Hopefully your LH will soon be back on track with his health issues. Well done to your Mum for listening to her head and I'm so pleased to hear your Dad's operation went well. Hoping that you get the correct medication for your blood pressure. Sending big hugs, special thoughts and good wishes to you and your family♥♥♥ Linda xxx

  21. Wow.....what a lot of wonderful comments of support and advice. THANK YOU, each and every one of you, my very special Blogging buddies.

    Dad is doing very well and (fingers crossed) is being allowed home today or tomorrow to recuperate in the comfort of his own home, all the other problems still remain but with time will get better, of that I have no doubt.

    Again thank very lovely lot.

    Sue xx

    Sue xx

  22. Such a lot on your plate at the moment. Do please take care of yourself too - take a few minutes out whenever you need it to do whatever will help you to refuel to cope.

    with love and prayers

  23. I just want to tell you that I am here with my prayers for you and your family.



  24. You are a very brave lady who needs very much to take care of her heart too. You have had such a heavy load to carry in these last weeks it really cannot surprise anyone that you are quietly feeling the pressures inside. Be good to yourself, I enjoy your blog.

  25. Had a feeling things weren't right with you Sue. So sorry to read all this but hope you can find a little time for you in it all. Take care lovely lady xx


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