Friday 25 November 2011

The day started dull.......

The day started dull as I walked the dogs down the track towards our landlords house, (about a mile away, he's our nearest neighbour), as we turned round at his barn and walked back ...

.... towards our neighbours on the opposite side of the farm (about 3 miles away) the sun came out, slowly and shyly at first, then bright and cheerful filling the sky with promise.  The planes crissed crossed in the sky breaking the perfect pale blue with their white tail streams, making dancing patterns that are wonderful to watch as they slowly disperse.

The Red Kites whooshed and dived for prey we couldn't see, and the birds in the fields took flight with the hollow flapping of Pheasant wings.  A lone Roe deer on the horizon ran to join her friends and the dogs gave half hearted chase, knowing full well they had never caught one yet and probably never would.  Returning to me with grins on their faces and tongues lolling out of steaming mouths they resumed snuffling in the ditches and bushes for any rabbit that had dared stay out too long.

With the sun in our eyes we walked the fields, setting ourselves up for a busy day.  I am driving to Manchester to spend a day or two with my folks and meeting up with my sons there today for an all too brief catch up on news, the dogs.....well they have dreaming to do, re-living their adventures this morning and gathering energy for their magnificent welcome for Dad when he comes home from work early to let them back into their great outdoors.

Somedays are just good, and some days are even better.  Enjoy yours whatever you are doing, take time to sit and stare, to sit and think ... to just be, and if the sun is shining on you, go out and enjoy it or simply fling open the windows and let it in to see you.

Sue xx


  1. Lovely post Sue. Have a good time in Manchester with your sons.

  2. Sunrise is a beautiful thing to see, whatever time of year


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