Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Brief Glance Back

Sometimes all you need is a brief glance back to tell you that everything is going to be alright.  So I did just that, picked a couple of photos from each of the Novembers we have been here and had a happy few minutes being reminded of some wonderful achievements.

Above my first ever Melon, grown in the polytunnel and harvested November 2009.....all right I know it fits in an egg cup....but it was my first ever one!!

Making our own pasta sauces and baking bread again November 2009.

Our first ever chicks hatched on the farm November 2010, gorgeous little Lavender Pekin Bantams.

Frost on the ground last year in mid November, no frosty days here yet this year, but seeing the heavy morning mists of the last couple of days I think they are on their way.

Happy family day celebrating Jason's Masters Degree in November last year.

And today........I'm in the process of dismantling all the beds in the polytunnel, ready for our next adventure.

 Sometimes a brief glance back tells you the future will be good .....because the past was..... and life is what you make it.

Sue xx


  1. That is so true, don't forget to take a break!

  2. There seems to be a glitch here, this is the third time I am writing a comment. Here goes again. You are so right, sometimes we need to look back to appreciate our lives, sending you a virtual hug x

  3. "...life is what we make it".
    Well said!!
    Jane x

  4. Its lovely to look back, isn't it? its quite an adventure you have had.

  5. You have great experiences to treasure in your heart, thanks for share with us.



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