Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A work in progress.......

A work in progress is what Lovely Hubby calls his tractor.  He's worked so hard on it over the course of the Summer, now the colder weather is here he is mostly on the re-assembly side of things.

It's an old John Deere 3130, and LH is slowly acquiring lots of attachments for it.  The one that's taking up all his time at the moment is a large front loader assembly, this will mean the tractor can be used like a fork lift truck or a digger type buckety thing....there you knew I was all technically minded didn't you!

I have to admit I'm quite impressed, when all 'the bits' arrived they looked like the picture above, all rusty and orange with bits sticking out here there and everywhere that had been welded on by the previous owner and meant it couldn't possibly just go straight onto our tractor.  Now all the right bits are mostly green and shiny and gradually are being attached to the tractor.  The hydraulics were all sent away to be stripped and overhauled and are now back and waiting in the barn to be attached so they can make things work as they should.

This is the Topper, used a lot during the Summer to keep the grass in the fields suitably short for the animals and it also kept our roadside verges nice and neat.

This was last years renovation project, an ancient plough brought back to life with lots of love, care, grease and paint.  It did a great job of ploughing our paddock.

Man and mechanical beast in action.

It's nice to see my man enjoying his hobby........but it'll be even nicer when all this is over and I get to use my kitchen table again !

Sue xx


  1. That's a very handy man you've got there. Will you be driving the tractor? I would love to have a go. I drove a JCB once, and I had a job driving tractors through an auction. Great fun.

  2. I've never driven the tractor, Ilona, too many knobs and buttons for me, no doubt you'd be a brilliant driver of it with all your past experience.

    I have operated the Telehandler (Loadall) when Lovely Hubby needed the big forks lifting onto the tractor, even then it took me about 10 minutes to get used to which way the levers made the telescopic arms reach, I'm sure it was all in reverse, just didn't equate with what you would expect!!

    Again you'd cope so much better :-)

    Sue xx


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