Saturday, 12 November 2011

Remembrance Sunday

On Sunday Lovely Hubby will be in the village hall for the Farmers Market, running my stall in my absence as I am zooming up the motorway to spend 2 days with my Mum and Dad. 

Being Remembrance Sunday the Farmers Market goes on for an extra hour to allow stallholders and customers the chance to go to church if they want to or to visit the Memorial on the corner where the wreaths will be laid.  It's very poignant in this village as one of our own lost his life in Afghanistan two years ago.  There is also a two minutes silence at eleven o'clock as we, like millions of others all over the country stand to remember our fallen heroes from past and current conflicts and wars. 

 Each and every soldier, sailor, airman and woman is a hero in my opinion.  We also remember those that have returned to their families injured, in body or mind, and pray and hope that these sacrifices will not be in vain, that one day this world will find peace.

I always give thanks that my two brave, brave men came back to us, to rebuild their lives, to move on and to continue loving and being loved by us, their family.

Wear your poppy with pride..........and remember.

Sue xx


  1. we should remember all our servicemen who give their lives..either the ultimate sacrifice or by, once returning, being affected forever. xx

  2. Yes, Sue, we always remember. Especially for those in today's conflicts but never forget previous wars when we lost two relatives in WW1 and WW2. Ann x


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