Monday 14 November 2011

World Diabetes Day

When I sat at the computer I had an entirely different post in mind ....  then I found out what 'day' it is today.  World Diabetes Day, a day designed to raise awareness of this condition, that is so prevalent in todays world, one which is close to my heart as my Lovely Hubby was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in June of this year.

We struggled at first to get things under control, but we did, and although we had a bit of a 'blip' through eating ready meals and a bit of junk food while coping with losing Mum we are now firmly back in business and sorting out our lifestyle again.   Lots of fresh veggies and some fruit, low carb meals and basically just good honest home cooked food with the emphasis on eating smaller healthier meals regularly and the most important meal of the day......breakfast. 

 LH loves his cooked breakfast once he gets in the routine, although I do understand that cooking your eggs and bacon at 5.30am in the morning is tough at first, it is the healthiest meal for him and really helps him get his blood sugar balanced for the day ahead.  Who needs 'Sugar Puffs' when you can tuck into home produced Eggs Bacon and Sausage.

If you see lots of folk wearing blue today it's because they're supporting World Diabetes Day, if you need more information on diabetes visit Diabetes UK a brilliant site for info, help and lots of good advice.

Sue xx


  1. Wow, that is a lot of meat and fat.

  2. Yes this was covered on the radio this morning. We have a good family friend who has been a lifelong Diabetic & I have a new friend recently diadnosed with type two.

  3.'s not quite as fatty as it looks, don't panic....although I agree it's a lot of meat, but LH is a committed carnivore.

    The fact that all the food on the plate is produced by us here on the farm makes it healthier as we know the animals were raised organically and healthily, and our eggs are free range. Our sausages are 97%+ meat with only a tiny proportion of gluten free rusk. LH is allowed this type of food in his diet as it is high protein and low carb.

    The scary food for him is the Sugar Puffs and other breakfast cereals. Although he is allowed the occasional Weetabix.

    Sue xx

  4. Hi lovely dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last far he has got it under control.. he is eating very well and has done a lot of the cooking himself...such a shock for him..ut he is doing well and keeps his chin up.

  5. Mr Sft would like to join hubby for breakfast.

    Sft x


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