Tuesday 27 December 2011

Way too much food........

There's been way too much food this holiday......

... some of it in large portions and some in smaller, I did lots of mini things for the buffet at my Mum and Dads on Christmas Day, the big Banoffee Pie above is normal size it's the little one that's super little!!

 We had our Christmas dinner yesterday, a lovely lazy day, watching television, eating and drinking and generally just chilling out big style.  Lovely Hubby had pheasant and I had Linda's Veggie roast to try it (verdict - not bad, but just the veggies, stuffing and gravy would have been as good).

We've watched lots of Christmassy films and films that made us well up and go 'awwww'.  Feeling completely chilled now and ready to start on our sorting and planning for the New Year. 

We have to visit the dreaded place today (the supermarket), LH needs some new shirts and ties for work and his favourite shop for them is Asda, so Mr George here we come....what do you have available in the sale?

Somebody else got new clothes for Christmas, but she discovered if she rolled on her back she could get her little legs out of the sleeves and almost escape!!

Anyway why do you need a jacket of your own when you can share Dad's on the way back from a long walk and get all cosy.

Sue xx


  1. Adorable! LH Isn't bad either!!! lol Glad you're having a lovely festive season and good luck at the big scary place today!!!

  2. Hope you find what your looking for in the sales.

  3. enjoy the sales. love the pug cosy!

  4. Just popped over from Meadow's, lured by the pic of your delightful pug, what a sweetie!
    Seasons greetings, Kath

  5. lots of good wishes to you and yours!
    That puglet just gets more adorable by the day


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