Saturday 3 December 2011

The Grand Opening of the Sealed Pot

Way back in July of this year I joined in with SFT's Sealed Pot Challenge, with us all deciding we would open our pots on 3rd December - today!!

I got my old hammer out ....

... then decided a spot of protection might be a good idea, so I ripped open a Magners Pear Cider box.

Live action shots !!

We had the amazing total of £258 pounds all in £2 coins, not bad in just under five months, we were so pleased ...

.... amazingly shocked.....

... and ready to crack open one of those Pear Cider bottles!!

And what are we buying with all our easily saved cash...... gifts for our family members that will benefit others that need them even more than they do.

1 Hygiene Kit (to be sent wherever it is needed most).

1 Set of Farming Tools, Seeds and Training for families in La Trinidad, Honduras.

1 Gift of Safe Drinking Water for 10 people.

5 Goats for families in the poorest part of Malawi.

There's nothing we needed as much as the people that receive these end gifts do,  so in our families names we have bought these with our Sealed Pot money.

There is a little bit of change so we are using that to treat ourselves to a meal in our favourite restaurants tomorrow night for our anniversary.  We do have a voucher so it will be two meals for the price of one and a couple of glasses of nice wine, and maybe even a sweet for a change, a good celebration to mark our four years of marriage.  We don't need a lot - we have each other.

And then I really must get cracking on finding a new Sealed Pot for next years challenge.  That we've already decided will be used for financing a lovely Christmas celebration for 2012.   After a year of living as frugally as we plan to I think it will be nice to have a little splurge at the end of it!

If you want to join in the the new Sealed pot Challenge nip over to Sfts Blog and let her know, she'll add you to the list, there were 25 folks joining in last time I looked.

Sue xx


  1. I loved the expressions on your faces! And what good gifts the money will buy!
    Jane x
    PS Happy Anniversary. enjoy your night out!

  2. That's one of the nicest and generous things I've heard in a long time - well done to you!

  3. What lovely pictures of you both and what a lovely way to spend your money. I am amazed that such a huge amount can be saved so quickly and am going to have a sealed pot challenge myself in 2012.

  4. Hi Sue and Alan
    would we expect anything else but what you have done.
    we are so proud
    Love Mum and Dad XX

  5. Oh Sue, you are both so lovely and caring!
    Sometimes it's absolutely the right thing to do.

    Have a fantastic meal, you both deserve it, soul mates for sure.

    Looking forward to seeing the next pot! LOL!

    I'm recycling mine, not sure that's an option for you! LOL

    Sft x



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