Wednesday 14 December 2011

Decisions and Plans and a Giveaway (if you help me......please!)

We are in the midst of making lots of plans at the moment, and making many decisions.  We have an exciting year ahead, moving house, setting up our new small patch of country living the self- sufficient way in rural Berkshire.  Planning the building of new raised beds, planting in the greenhouse ready for the growing season ahead.  But before all that we have to figure out the logistics of moving ourselves, three dogs, two cats 39 chickens and all the farming paraphernalia that we seem to have acquired over the first three years of our foray in self sufficiency

Where did it all come from I wonder on a daily basis.

We are moving from a large four bedroom, three bathroom farmhouse with lots of cupboards and storage space, to a little, two bed, one bathroom bungalow, with almost zero space to store things.  We are downscaling from ten and a half acres to just four,  although that isn't really a problem, now we have no large animals we can cope quite well with that aspect of the move. 

We are in for an exciting time with our packing for sure, taking with us only what will fit nicely into our new home. Our year of living simply will be finishing with a grand finale of jettisoning all that is no longer needed so our new abode will look comfy and homely without being cluttered.

Over the Christmas holidays no doubt Lovely Hubby will be doing lots of lists......he's good at lists my man! 

I, in the meantime, have something else on my new Challenge for the coming year. This would have been happening wherever we ended up living and is a major shopping challenge.

 Will I be able to do it, or like the sign above have I made unrealistic assumptions.  I think I can manage, I have been vaguely checking things out over the past few weeks and over the next couple will be doing a bit more research into things.

One question for you, my lovely readers to help me in my research, would you class Marks and Spencers as a high street shop or a supermarket.

Over to you, and for helping me with my research there will be a little Christmas Surprise giveaway to one commenter, picked at random (if you are a follower of the blog as well I will pop something extra in the little parcel heading your way as a thank you for following the mad ramblings of an ex-townie on a regular basis).

Sue xx


  1. M&S to me is definitely a high street shop, not a supermarket. It is a department store, I think, in that it sells different kinds of things in various departments, but it isn't a supermarket to me. Can't remember the last time I was able to go to an M&S as there aren't many in the Fens. I think I would have to go to Cambridge or Peterborough, and I very rarely go to either of those!

  2. Exciting times ahead for you.

    The question you ask about Marks and Spencers is a difficult one. I am not sure it fits into either description that you have provided exactly. A supermarket however suggests one of the usual i.e. Tesco or Asda. A High Street shop to me is like River Island and New Look. However, Boots is another difficult one some might say it is a drug store but others would say it is a High Street Shop. Our local Boots is in a Centre and so is M and S and they are classed as High Street Shops (although not in the Centre our Sainsburys is in the High Street making this more difficult for me to decide), so I would say that my view and it is only my view that M and S is a High Street Store.

    I would be interested in other reader's views.

  3. I would say it is a High Street Shop / Department Store.

    It really sounds like you have a challenge on your hands but it will be so worth it in the end, part of me thinks it does sound very stressful but then I love to have a challenge and it does sounds like a great adventure :D x x x x

  4. To my mind it's a High Street Store, to my Aunts mind it is also a supermarket. Mind you also my mother buys a lot of groceries from there as well, so there is no clear answer on this one.

    I will admit I really do miss Marks and Sparks now they are no longer in Canada. Good news though is that they do ship to Canada.

    Two of the best recipe books I have came from Marks.

    I can't wait to read all about your move and new life in rural Berkshire.

    Gill in Canada

  5. Definitely a high street store in my opinion, and one that I can't afford to shop in! Good luck with the downsizing and the new adventure.

  6. Definitely a high street store but one that also sells food in one department. I haven't been to M&S for years because it is expensive to get there but I like their underwear so can foresee a visit in the next few months.

    I'm really curious as to why you are asking....

    Good luck with the packing and the decisions on what goes with you.

  7. Hi Sue,
    definitely a High street store if it sells everything, but here in Brum we have some M&S Simply Food shops which are definitely supermarkets, (a bit like Waitrose' with the same sort of pricing)


  8. Yes a High Street store, you wouldn't call Harrods or Fortnum and Masons a supermarket, they both have magnificent food halls.

  9. High Street Store.

    I admire your courage in downsizing - and wish you every success with the difficult decisions along the way [shall this thing stay or go??]

    blessings x

  10. High street store. Did they always sell groceries?
    Jane x

  11. A High Street store in my mind.

    Good luck with things


  12. High Street came to mind straightaway. Another exciting move ahead Sue, wishing you all the very best:) Linda xx

  13. Now this is a difficult one we live near Canturbury and we have 2 m&s one is in the town centre and sells everything they can cram into it but there is another one just on the outskirts which is only food so we can class them as both so it depends what you want to class it as we can do both lol

  14. high street shop came to mind right away!

  15. To me, M&S is a high street store it isn't a supermarket - supermarkets carry essentials but I don't think M&S does. I think if it's a frugal living question then M&S is somewhere you buy luxury items at good value prices, their food is luxurious and a treat but would not qualify in a weekly shop. M&S cater for wants and not needs, that's why they have moved into selling food - we want it! and they want our money! Hope that helps!

  16. I'd definitely say high street shop as I never consider it to be one of the big 4 supermarkets.

  17. Just to jump on the band waggon I would say that M&S is a high street store too!
    Jille x

  18. High Street Store, there main priority normally is to sell clothing whereas supermarkets are more for selling food (although i do think it is changing now)
    Joanne x

  19. Definitely a High Street Store with a food hall!

  20. M&S is definitely a high street store with a gorgeous food hall. That's how I have always seen it.
    Jak x

  21. Oh that is an interesting question you pose Sue.
    Its actually got me thinking, but on impulse I would say a High Street shop. The first thing you see is clothing, unlike the supermarkets: compulsory cigarette stand, then magazines and newspaper stands, then food offers - yes its def. High Street.

  22. M & S is to me a High street store with a supermarket intwined, good for luxery items, or splashing out at Christmas. I have read your blog for ages now love it to bits, I dont have acres, only a small piece of land with chickens (only five) but I love my piece, growing my own veg and having fresh eggs,we went from a fourbedroom two bathroom, to two beds, one bathroom and small office (third bedroom), talk about declutter, but ten years on we are fine. Sandy x

  23. The M&S we have nearest to us is a food hall only so will have to say supermarket. Just saying food hall makes me nostalgic for the old Littlewoods store with all the various conters for meat, bread, pies cakes etc ................long gone now in this little town :(

    Good luck with the downsizing , Its hard getting rid of potentially useful stuff!

  24. Good luck with all your packing! I moved 5 times in 2 years, with several animals in tow, so feel your pain - although yours is on a bigger scale!

    I would say M&S is a high street store - which is bizarre, as when I think of posh food, I think M&S! I am more likely to go there for a naughty food treat than to buy anything else...

    Sam x


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