Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Who knew tea towels could be SO lovely......

Who knew Tea Towels could be SO lovely.......I didn't for sure. Tea towels were always something I've been given as gifts or maybe bought the odd jokey one as a souvenir from a holiday or day out. I seem to acquire them from all over the place.

Grow Your Own Vegetables Linen Tea Towel

But when I was approached by Al of All Tea Towels I thought again. The first time I visited the website I was amazed at the choice. For the review I could choose any three to trial, use and abuse and then give an honest opinion. (And boy did I warn....I DO give honest opinions.)

Gardening Calender Horticultural Linen Tea Towel

If you're shaking in your shoes Al you can stop now.....these are fantastic towels. They do exactly what they're supposed to. Dry the pots perfectly, with none of those annoying bits of fluff, lint etc that some cloths leave on your glasses, they've coped with me grabbing them to take things out of the Aga and they have washed and washed fantastically.

Ladybird Books Dip In Breakfast Egg 100% Cotton Tea Towel

They've been through the washer over and over, I tend to throw all the towels in whenever I can, either with other towels or sometimes just with the other washing to save on exessive use of the machine and each and every time they've come up really well.

Two of them are linen and the egg one is 100% cotton. I must say I love the pure linen ones are best, they just feel SO nice. I can see them all lasting a long time, even with my heavy usage.

And they look lovely hanging on the Aga too!!

I don't usually iron towels (I iron as little as possible....I hate ironing) but in the interests of an honest review these have been ironed and then re-used and they passed the test with flying colours, in fact they look just like new again once ironed, I might even start ironing my tea towels all the time.......who am I kidding....NO I won't!!

Looking at the website at the huge choice of designs it struck me they look just like wrapping paper and it gave me a brilliant idea, instead of using paper next time I'm giving an anniversary or wedding gift I might just use a tea towel and then the recipient has two gifts in one. I very nearly bought a vintage tractor towel, but seeing the plough parts on my table I refrained, but I may be tempted to go back and order one just so Lovely Hubby has something to admire while he dries the pots.

Nip over to the website see much better pictures of all these tea towels and hundreds more. Ideal Easter gifts for someone who has an aversion to chocolate!


  1. I *love* the egg tea towel!Amazing.
    Kirstin xx

  2. Wow they are gorgeous..tots love the egg one..might just have to nip over and have a look..its hard to find nice tea-towels that brighten the place up and work well too...
    love to you and yours

  3. funnily enough I was just skimming thru Nigella trying to concoct a recipe for Carrotcake Muffins, and she has a little section about teatowls!
    I'm off now to look at the website, although I usually like the towelling ones cos you NEVER have to iron them :))

  4. Great idea for wrapping gifts Sue, I may just have to use that one in future : ) xxx

  5. Thanks for the tea towel link! Will definitely be ordering some!

  6. Fantastic selection of tea towels and the wrapping 'paper' idea is a good one.

  7. I love a good, crispy, fresh tea towel hanging in the kitchen! I think the pretty ones are a British thing: I remember them from England but they are not easy to come by here;unless you go to a "British" shop and there they cost the earth.
    Jane x

  8. They are great. I have some Cath Kidston ones which I love but they have shrunk so much !I will pop over and have a look at the website
    Sue x

  9. Love the tea towels too. Mine are nearly all from Australia as we get them from our cousin each Christmas.

    Will be looking at the website too.

    Sft x

  10. The egg tea towel is amazing!!
    Sam x

  11. They are lovely but I prefer the feel of the linen to cotton. I always iron linen ones, as it seems such a shame not to when the quality is so good.


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