Monday 4 April 2011

Last Night Leftovers....Yummy!!

Last night's left overs made this gorgeously tasty quiche served with almost the last, of our bought in salad stuff, dug from the depths of the fridge. Luckily the homegrown salad leaves are almost ready for harvesting and the radishes kicked in just in time to bulk out last nights offering. I just have to eke out the last of the Iceberg lettuce for two days.....can I do it?
So three tables spoons of Mediterranean veg and the same of Cous Cous....
...added to a bought in pastry case, two of our eggs and a sprinkle of 'Parmesan' cheese, gives you a lovely quiche. We went to bed happy and with full tummys last night.
Today Lovely Hubby is delivering a trailer load of compost, while I nip to the Farm Supplies Shop to pick up some more Layers Pellets. We must keep our lovely egg laying girls happy if they are providing us with such lovely meals, and the 37 dozen eggs that we managed to sell at the first car boot sale of the season yesterday. And then we are sprucing up the farm a bit ready for tomorrows filming, with our fingers firmly crossed for nice sunny weather.
So a busy day ahead, I wonder what I will unearth from the freezer to provide us with tea tonight - no doubt we will be very hungry by then!!
Sue xx


  1. Wow your girls are laying a lot of eggs! Ours have gone on the moult as Winter is closing in, so not many eggs for us at the moment.

    That was a clever meal you prepared, I would never have thought of doing that, boy am I learning some new stuff lately.

    All the best,


  2. You really are teasing us with this tv program (Canadian spelling!!) aren't you!!
    Jane x


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