Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It's a Wrap........

Well that was a different way to spend a morning!
Today we had the film crew and the couple choosing the house, here on the farm to film a segment for an episode of BBC's 'Escape to the Country', the show where a couple are shown looking around houses before they choose their dream residence and move to start a new life in the country.
They were a lovely couple and the whole team were wonderful to work with, whether our bit will end up being used or whether we will end up on the cutting room floor we will have to wait and see.
We planted in the polytunnel and discussed the merits of companion planting and gardening in a more natural way, we stood in the pig pens and discussed the merits of Rare Breed pigs and we talked about our decision to change our lives from townies to life here on the farm. I hope we were of some help to them and even if we weren't at least it should be entertaining. The show should be shown sometime during the Autumn of this year if everything goes to plan.
The pigs all performed well, I'm not surprised really all they had to do was eat an extra breakfast and occasionally look straight into the camera with their biggest grins firmly fixed in place. Not quite so easy for us we had to repeat over and over what we had just said so they could get different camera angles and film responses on both parts. Luckily we all got on like a house on fire and we had a really good laugh while we were doing our 'pieces' over and over again. I can, however, see a really good outtake show coming out of this!!
Then while the camera crew got all the additional shots of the farm and the animals for infil purposes, we four sat and had a really good chat over coffee and homemade scones.Then it was time for Andrew and Tina to hop back in their car to go for a quick lunch and then on to film their next piece, it was still a mystery to them where they were actually going, the contestants are kept in the dark so they have no idea what they will be doing or seeing next, tomorrow they actually get to look around some houses, I bet they can't wait!!
Sue xx


  1. I'm so glad it went well..did they enjoy your scones coz i sure would lol...
    take care

  2. Now back to the real work!!
    Jane x

  3. Oooo how exciting, will look out for you on the telly, will let George know so he can sit with me to see if he can spot Sophie on the big screen!
    Sarah x

  4. That's great! Wait until I tell Emma... I wonder which presenter it was. If it was that Alistair blokey she'll be proper jealous!

  5. Will definitely look out for it this Autumn!
    P xx

  6. I like to watch that programme, I'll be keeping an eye out for it in the Autumn then!

    Sandie xx

  7. I love that programme, I shall have to look out for some camera hogging pigs.

  8. wow- that sounds something nice and different to have happened- I'll have to be glued to the TV in the autumn to see the pigs- and you of course!
    Really warm here today, and I've done a casserole for tea when really it almost feels salad-y.
    Lots of love


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