Sunday, 24 April 2011

Car Booting the Excess

During this 'Year of Living Simply' we are really jettisoning of all our surplus possessions and to help us in this mission we are selling at Car Boot Sales whenever we have a morning to spare each weekend through the Summer. Today we were at Burcot Car Boot Sale and managed to come away with another £115 to add to our bank account.

Best sellers of the day were our Free Range Eggs, we almost always take a basket full with us whenever we do a Sale, they are very popular. What's really nice is that when we sell out we always know there will be another three dozen waiting for us back at home, as the 'ladies' will have been laying while we were away.

Now we're home with a much emptier car than we set out (we could even see through the back window on the return journey!) and I'm going to start sorting out again this afternoon for next Sundays sale which will be at Warborough. This is a very popular Car Boot sale held on the Village Green, it's also very picturesque, which I think is why they use it so often in Midsummer Murders, it's very nice to 'location' spot while we're there.

Sue xx


  1. Very impressive! I loaded up my car last week with every item of clothing I haven't worn in the last year. My closet looks empty, my heart feels full. Someone needed these more than I did ... obviously.

  2. Wow what a turnout...have a blessed Easter!

  3. Haven't been to a car boot sale for years. When we moved to Spain we furnished our house fom them & when we left sold what we didn't bring back here !

    Has fresh eggs for Easter brekkies & still plenty to sell to neighbours xx

  4. Congratulations on your £115. What's it for if you don't mind me asking you Sue?

    Sft x

  5. That looks like a fun day!
    Jane x (We don't have car boot/trunk sales here)


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