Saturday, 9 April 2011

Moving Pigs and Spraying Chickens

Today started lovely and early watching the sunrise over the mound of earth at the side of the house. The chickens were released from their houses by 6am and loved the early start.
Norman, the New Hampshire Red Cockerel has sore legs at the moment and will need a spray of some nice soothing stuff I've got, so I will have to wait for Lovely Hubby to come back from his errands to hold him for me. Norman is a 'meat' bird and as such is VERY heavy. So for most things it takes the two of us, one to hold and one to administer. As we use only natural products on our animals it sometimes means a couple of doses, but usually they know we are helping them and let us get on with it.

The first job of the day for LH was to walk Lulu, the Large Black pig, now hopefully 'in pig' again to Jack, our Large Black boar, back round to join the other big Mummy pigs in the paddock. Later he will reverse the process and walk Liz round to join Jack in his love nest.

Now I'm off to work in the polytunnel before the heat of the sun drives me out. Yesterday we had a high of 38 degrees in there...much to hot to work at that temperature, so I usually retreat to the raised beds when it get too warm inside the tunnel.

Hope you have a lovely sunny day wherever you are just like we have here today.

Sue xx


  1. I hope our little microholding project can learn loads from what you're doing. We're not planning on having any pigs (hope black pig is 'in pig') but I'd love a polytunnel one day and I'll certainly be increasing the numbers of ducks we have. :)

    Keep up the good work, it all looks fabulous! :)

  2. I agree, what an amazing life you lead! I can see how hard you work and long hours, especially as the days get longer

    LOL at the piggie love nest.

    I love reading your wonderful posts Sue!

    sft x

  3. I'd like to know about the natural products you use on the chicken legs, if you'd share please.

  4. Its just as hot here today- in October last year we fenced off the end of Bruce's paddock so he had a fresh line of grass to eat as a treat once a week through the winter, just to cheer him up!

    Today I took the fence down completely as he was on the final patch, and he's come in from the field on this wonderfully warm sunny day (with not many flies as yet) as fat as one of your Mummy Pigs, almost unable to eat his tea!

    I've left him dozing in the stable to "sleep it off" before he has his rug on for the night.
    Hope tomorrow is as lovely, this is certainly Natures Medicine at it best isn't it

  5. I love reading about the animals and the polytunnel, what's growing in yours?


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