Friday, 15 April 2011

Courgettes and Wedges

There's something about Courgette plants that is just so.......... chunky!
Compared to other seedlings they come through looking thick and healthy and I LOVE them. Of course knowing that they will give us a profusion of tasty things to eat helps the love affair to develop too!
Now where do wedges come into this you may be asking......well I'm just loving them too at the moment.
Fed up with boiled and jacket potatoes I wanted something quick to do, tasty and nutricious and so I experimented with wedges and now I've perfected them.
Simply par boil potatoes cut into wedge shapes (skin on is best) for about 5 minutes.
Once that's done drain them and let them stand so the excess steam comes off leaving them nice and dry, while that's happening assemble your other bits. Here I'm using some nice oil (any sort will do, I'm using my 'posh' one as we are eating through the content of the cupboards and this is what I've reached), sea salt, black pepper and some Smoked Paprika. You can play around with different spices (and herbs are good too).
Toss the wedges into a baking tray, sprinkle with a tablespoon or so of oil and toss them around then add your flavouring and pop in the oven for about 25 minutes - simples - and best of all VERY tasty.
We're off now to look at a harrow for the tractor, I get to go to all the nice places and look at some lovely stuff!!
Sue xx


  1. Good to hear there's other blokes out there who really know how to treat a lady. I might show Emma my potato trenches this afternoon.

    Is that courgette in the polytunnel or are you being crazy/reckless?

  2. I love the courgette seedlings too- Courgettes and Broad beans are always the first things I plant, their strong little plants bursting through the soil always revive me in the spring and remind me that things really will grow this summer!

    Holly x

  3. I put dried rosemary on my wedges, then after they are cooked I put them onto a plate covered with kitchen paper (UK)paper towel(Canada)and put them back into the oven for 10 mins.
    Jane x

  4. Your wedges look delicious. We do a variation of them too with chilli.

    Good luck with the tractor!

    Sft x

  5. Max - The courgette is tucked up safely and warmly in the polytunnel. I'd love to hear what Emma has to say when you show her your potato trenches, along the lines of what I said, when I saw the harrow and heard the price....cannot be repeated on here! HOW MUCH are farm toys!!

    Sue xx

  6. I loved my courgettes last year - they just kept coming. Will try those wedges - they look scrummy. Sometimes I roast potatoes in small cubes with salt & rosemary makes a nce change.


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