Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It was worth it in the end...

Well I suppose it was worth it in the end......having my kitchen table taken up with plough parts for four months that is.
Lovely Hubby has managed through hard work and determination, ...to turn this... ...into this. This...
...into this.
And the best bit.....it all works.
The parts of our paddock that can be ploughed, have had their first ploughing. Not bad for a first ever attempt at ploughing, he even got his lines straight. This townie is turning into a country boy!!
My farmer man in action!! ~
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  1. Wow. Definitely a job well done! Congratulations to your farmer man and to you for enduring it!

  2. That's a great plough, and what a good job he has done on it. Mechanics always come into the home, if there's not a specific place to fix them in. If we had a larger place, I'd be happy for that.

    I used to have a smallholding of 28 acres in the Peak District, we had a Ford Dexta tractor and I learnt to plough, turn hay. I'm still interested in agricultural equipment now.

  3. WOW!!I'm impressed....(she says drooling over the John Deere).
    Jane x

  4. Bless him, he looks so chuffed with it and I am pleased to know that you have your kitchen table back yay xxx

  5. Definately worth it..he looks so proud and rightly so..iris called him a tracker man..think she meant tractor man..

  6. I thought it was new!

    Amazing...what a hero.

    Sft x

  7. Yipee ! A lovely & handy hubby !

  8. Brilliant work on the ploughing! Not easy getting the lines straight! and the plough itself look s fantastic.


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