Sunday, 3 April 2011

Emptying the Fridge

All weekend we have been chomping our way through the things that had the shortest use by dates in the fridge, or indeed had whizzed past their dates, I have a brilliant sense of smell and always trust my instincts with food rather than just going off what the packet tells me.
I am finding that as we eat our way through the fridge, store cupboard and freezer I am getting more inventive and we are actually eating better. Maybe it's that more thought goes into each meal or that extra bit of effort. It can be SO easy to just grab a pizza from the freezer and toss a handful of oven chips into the oven to cook while the pizza is cooking, but it's not as rewarding. You get much more of a sense of achievement (and a better taste), when you have taken the time to prepare things from scratch or to add some herbs or extra veggies to something. Well I'm finding that I do anyway.
So this was last nights tea, Mediterranean Veg served on a bed of Spicy Cous Cous, with a Chicken Garlic Kiev for Lovely Hubby and a Quorn 'chicken' fillet for me. ~

And this is tonights tea.....purposeful what will I do with this?

Sue xx


  1. mmm yum I'm eating more & more Veg & less carbs these days ( & losing weight ) Loved your duct tape reply - made me giggle big time which I needed xx

  2. Good grief between you,froogs and hester your all making me hungry..i can't take it much you have all got me cooking more and for that you should be thanked..thank you sue..
    that dinner looks lovely..even hubs agreed and he is fussy..
    love to you

  3. I agree....every post looks delicious..makes me too hungry ha ha
    Lynn xxxx

  4. Yum that looks good!

    I have been using all the leftovers and bits and pieces in the fridge this past few days as we are going away for a week and they wont be in good condition when I get back.

    Wishing you a lovely day,



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