Saturday 30 April 2011

Dancing in the Street

Some peoples parents live sedentary lives. They retire, knit bedspreads, tend allotments and watch daytime television, nothing wrong with that, indeed mine do most of it too.
But every now and then they surprise everyone and get involved in the wackiest of things, they have adventures while on holiday. Some folks have nice quiet holidays watching the tide come in sat on benches at the seaside, but usually mine end up being evacuated in the middle of the night due to fire or flood. They take part in criminal investigations after multiple thefts from their hotel (that's their last three holidays listed then).
Before they left for this one they took part in the above reported demonstration, yes that's them on the front cover of the local paper....'Dancing in the Street', when their favourite ballroom was threatened with closure the whole group sprang into action, will it work, they don't know yet but they weren't backing down without a fight even if it was a nice graceful one!
They're due back today from their latest excusion to the Isle of Wight today ....we can't wait to hear what happened THIS time!!
On a completely different note, my Live Below the Line Challenge starts tomorrow.
I went shopping for the final few bits and pieces with the last 13p of my £5 food money, it should have been enough for two items that I thought would bulk up my food just a little bit more but guess what.......Asda prices for the Value range has shot up literally overnight. I should have been able to get Curry Sauce for 5p and a packet of Batter mix for 7p, leaving me with just 1p change. But the Curry Sauce has been taken off the shelves, and the Batter had all sold out (I think), the cardboard outer pack was still on the shelf. I went round looking for other items that I had already purchased just out of interest, the biggest shocker was the Pasta Shapes going from 9p a bag to 18p a bag...DOUBLE!! Thank goodness my weeks shopping was sat at home in my bag, I doubt I could have afforded what I have if I'd waited until the last minute.
Something is in the air I think they have noticed that more and more folk are buying these 'loss leaders' in preference to their other more profitable goods and have decided to make some profit on them. It's a shame for us canny shoppers, but I suppose to be expected.
While I was there I did get a bargain, a little bottle of Olive Oil for 10p (it had lost it's back label but is well within date). So that's me with a whole 3p over....what can I spend it on?
If you haven't had time to sponsor me yet please use the link at the top of the sidebar, it takes you straight to my very own fundraising page. A big thank you to those of you that have already done's very much appreciated..
The next five Blog Posts will be dedicated to my Live Below the Line adventure...will I go hungry, will I be inventive....I think it's time to unpack my shopping bag and re-assess my purchases. See you tomorrow.
Sue xx


  1. Bless your parents!! They look like they're having so much fun!!

    I've noticed the value stuff shooting up in price too. All the very best with your Living below the Line....I'm sure it'll be a very challenging but rewarding experience x

  2. It struck me yesterday, have you read the Moneyless Man by Mark Boyle? He spent a year living with no money at all. Very inspiring! A lot of his food came from out of date stuff that the supermarkets were throwing out. Getting friendly with shop owners who hate throwing out stuff that whilst is still edible, is no longer sellable. Just thought it might give you some ideas, if not for next week, for your year of living simply.


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