Thursday 21 April 2011

Wigwams and a Shock Discovery!!

Yesterday I got my wigwam built and my nice little Broad Beans planted.
Now I am especially proud of these Broad Beans. They have been grown from seed saved from our beans last year. Simply left on the plant to dry out in situ and then planted by me only a couple of weeks ago. They were planted in the polytunnel in toilet roll tubes on 18th March and within days of sowing they were showing signs of life, pushing their little beany faces to the light. Then yesterday I decided the time had come for them to come out into the big bad world. My nocturnal visitor in the polytunnel has taken a liking to their tasty little leaves. So the bed was prepared, the wigwam built (cue comedy moments with poles falling everywhere and me getting terribly tangled), when order was at last restored, with only the chickens and dogs witness to my ineptitude with bamboo canes, the wigwam was finally erected and placed in position with a baby Broad Bean plant at every foot. For now they are under little 'pop' bottle cloches to protect them from the cold nights we are having. The stone at every corner is me thinking ahead for once, and remembering the precarious picking positions we had to assume last year, so now we can put one foot on a stepping stone and one on the edge of the raised bed. ~
And the SHOCK DISCOVERY......yesterday I found a grey hair!!!!!
But don't worry I won't be going grey, in my efforts to swiftly pluck the offending grey hair out I must have pulled at least half a dozen brown ones out too. So by my reckoning if I pluck six brown to every one grey I should be bald by this time next year!! ~
Sue xx


  1. Brilliant, and despite the commedy routine your wigwam looks fit for indians, never mind beans.
    Have a good Easter
    Jenny x

  2. naughty naughty daughty.
    Your Grandad was grey at 38 years of age
    I was grey just after his age.
    Your brother was grey at the same age.
    Be thankful you have got your Dad's genes.
    Cruel mum this morning, no sympathy from me at all. You have got off lightly .

  3. I read your post this morning with my breath held wondering what the shock discovery was going to be. I thought your beans had dissapeared overnight!! Grey Hair!! poor you, all I can say is thank goodness for L'Oreal. I believe in growing old gracefully.....just not yet!! lol Hope the sun is shinging for you today xx

  4. Sorry, I can't spell this morning, must be having a grey hair moment lol. Should read disappeared and shining xx

  5. Oh No! My mum used to say something like this, 'pluck one grey, ten next day.'
    So maybe not bald but very grey soon?

    Sandie xx

  6. Not the dreaded first grey hair? I would certainly be bald by now if I pulled all mine out. Hair dye is a wonderful invention...

    I started going grey at 16 years of age, damn genetics lol!

    Love the wigwam idea, I have my beans planted along a fence so they can grow up on.


  7. Sue, grey is just another shade of blonde!
    Jane x

  8. Karen.....I quite like 'shinging' speaks of a happy sun!!

    Jane, thank goodness it's Summer is all I can say, every Summer I reach for the lightener and go blonde anyway. I'm off to the chemist tomorrow....this girls gonna be a blonde all year round from now on.

    Grey hairs be prepared to meet your maker......well the peroxide anyway!!

    Sue xx

  9. OMG I found a grey hair on my 30th birthday ( eighteen years ago ) so you are doing well !
    Veggies looking good Sue. Loved your Hamster story - I think I'll get a few. Freddie Starr ? I knew Ozzy Osborne bit off snakes' heads and wasn't there some rhumour about Richard Gere & a hamster... ?

  10. My brother pointed out my first grey hair..I have never forgiven him!

    Sft x

  11. Omg i thought it was serious..thought some bod had pinched your beans and wigams..grey hair lol..i'm with you there about being blonde all yr eldest daughter is a hairdresser and does my hair for me and hasn't found any yet..well she says she hasn't..must ring her and find out the truth..
    lots of love


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