Wednesday 20 April 2011

As it should be.....

This is why I can reconcile being a vegetarian and raising pigs on the farm.
Mothers and daughters eating side by side...
...feasting on pig nuts and lush grass.
Friends through the fence always there for a chat.
Space to roam and shelter from the sun, wind or rain in the background.
As it should be!
When you buy your cheap bacon and pork from the supermarket.....I can guarantee those pigs would not have had this life!!
Sue xx


  1. VEry true, so nice to see them all enjoying the spring sunshine.
    Sarah x

  2. So agree Sue, that's why I always buy British outdoor reared pork from the butchers, slightly more pennies, but so worth seeing how pork should be reared. Just eat less.

    Actually this is how all meat should be reared.

    lynn x

  3. Free range porkers, they look so contented :)

    I actually refuse to eat pork because of the way they are mistreated. I heard somewhere that pigs have the same intelligence as a toddler, that was it for me!


  4. Lovely post Sue, thanks for sharing this with us. Your pigs always look very happy and I can't blame them, as they have a perfect life being pampered by you and LH xxx

  5. Lovely photos of your pigs.

    Not eaten pig for 17 years.

    Sft x

  6. At the risk of sounding boring.I LOVE PIGS!
    Jane x

  7. I eat meat. I should consider more where it comes from. The more you tell us, the more we learn xx

  8. I would love to grow my own pork. unfortunately my family are very against it as they would see it like eating a pet! We eat outdoor reared pork 90% of the time. We are very lucky to have a local organic farm that produces the most wonderful meat. It is a delight to eat and tastes so much different to supermarket, shed raised, unloved pork.

  9. Wonderful pictures. They sure are happy looking piggies!


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