Friday 22 April 2011

Something for the Weekend

Remember THIS post, well, I went shopping with the vouchers yesterday (Thursday) and had quite a little shopping spree. I got all of the above...
...and all of this from Tesco, putting an additional £16.25 towards it. You'll see why it came to SO much when you get to the bottom of the post.
Then I went in the Garden Centre to spend my vouchers, and got a tray of Chicory, a couple of packets of seeds I needed and a tub of Clotted Cream so I can treat Lovely Hubby to a homemade Cream Tea for Easter (using my Approved Foods Scone Mix). To this I only had to add £1.61 in cash.
Next door to the Garden Centre is a Julian Graves, one of my favourite shops, so while I was there to save on fuel, I stocked up on some of the things we were running out of (and maybe a few too many treaty sweeties, but it is Easter!). There I spent £27.04....... yikes!!
And as Asda was on my way home I nipped in for some Cider (it's on special offer) and spotted these at last in stock again. Smart Price Custard Mix, it's only 6p a pack, tastes divine and LH loves it on his sponge cakes (again made from an Approved Foods mix).
Two boxes for £16, not a bad deal and nice to have some for this weekend of work on the farm.
And this is the reason my Tesco bill came to so much, I treated us to a new film. They had it on offer and it's one I really want to see, LH will be happy to cuddle up, drink a few ciders and eat a bag of sweets with me while we watch it together. What better way to spend the evening on a Bank Holiday weekend after a day of work on the farm.
I hope you all have a very Happy Easter and that the sun continues to shine on all of us for the whole of the weekend for once, although a couple of heavy showers at night would be lovely to water all my veggies and keep the dust down, it's like the Sahara here at the moment.
Happy Easter
Sue xx


  1. I'm rather mad with myself as I bought that film a week or two back, put it somewhere "safe" and have promptly lost it!! MUST find it - have read the book and really really want to see the film now!

  2. Hope you both enjoy the film (and you Morgan when you've located it).

    I saw it a few weeks back with my Mum. Mr Sft phoned half way through so I quickly paused it. When I returned my mum was in fits of giggles as I had paused it just when you see the back of a naked man..Apparently my dad had walked through, looked at the screen and just tutted and shaken his head....:)

    Enjoy the cider Sue, I love it too and Mr Sft has treated me to a bottle of Aspalls to drink outside the Summer House tonight. I'm hoping for a beautiful sunset.

    Sft x

  3. enjoy it all Sue for you both deserve lovely things and more!
    Cider/film/choccy treats are still less expensive (and a darned sight more cosy) than going out for an evening.
    I'll wait til EPL is on your eBay listings before I watch it!!

  4. Always enjoy looking at food/groceries from another country! Clotted cream! If only it were readily available right here. Cream Tea on Easter Sunday sounds delightful! Enjoy all of your goodies.

  5. Not a bad shopping spree!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Sandie xx

  6. Must admit i have done the same shop wise this wk..didn't cost a lot but i got lots..for very little actual money..have sent hubs to shops this morning in search of clotted cream..he is not allowed back until he gets some..we having a big bbq later and i want to sit in my beautiful garden with scones,clotted cream and home made jam..bliss...
    enjoy your weekend

  7. I love that film, then again there are not many films featuring Julia Roberts that I don't like, I think she is brilliant. Hope you enjoyed it xxx

  8. I bought the book but I could'nt get into it. I hope to get around to watching the film


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