Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I'm Intrigued - Live Below the Line

Could I do this?
Could you?
Something definitely worth thinking about.
Now there's a Challenge!!
Please note this is for ONE week and is to raise money for Christian Aid week and to highlight what many people around the world (including this country) actually have to live on. Click on the link to read all about it, they've even included a recipe book that you can download so you won't go hungry.
Although I am confused as I read that you have to buy whole packs of food to be within the remit of the Challenge and then when you follow their link to, they have a special shelf of the right foods which when purchased add up to over £23, so can you just buy the required individual items and grams of products? Can anyone answer this please?
Kathy Kelly did it for a whole year and her Challenge included everything! She holidayed, had a social life and then wrote a really good book telling the tale. I loved it, but knew I could never do it. However, this challenge is £1 per day just for food, it lasts just five days and is surely possible.
It's got me thinking anyway.
Sue xx


  1. There is a book called ' how i lived on a £1 per day' by kath kelly. interesting but i'm not sure everyone could do it.

  2. One pound per day translates to about $1.30 sh.
    In Canada, Bl&&dy impossible. Everything here is so expensive except our gas (petrol),but we use a lot more because everything is so far apart eg our grocery store is a 40 min drive away..Chris' office a 2hr drive away. Everything is taxed here, at least 13% on top of the sticker price...some goods are taxed then the tax is also taxed. Jane x

  3. The simple answer for me is no.
    I had to do it for real many years ago and it's the thought of having to do it again that keeps me working!
    I would never be flippant about living frugally but to me, being warm and having enough of the right food (not necessarily chocolate!) is the difference twixt living and existing.
    Good luck to anyone who does it!

  4. I really NEED to establish a line, food bills are spiralling out of control. Simpler food is the answer perhaps. Filling and nutritious - is that the answer? with the occasional treat.

  5. I read about this on MSE Old Style last night, a few people on there have signed up. I am trying hard to reduce our food bills at the moment and only buy what we really need but that is a little too extreme for me. I wish all the ones who do it loads of luck.

    Karen x

  6. Mmm...that would be a challenge, not sure how successful I would be? Have to say though Sue I have been inspired by your spotty jug & now have a money box in the kitchen! Any money I save from being more planned & taking my lunch to work is going in there, so thanks! Rebecca xx

  7. Miss Piggy Bank - I've added to this post this morning and this book is mentioned. It's a brilliant read and one that really inspired me a while ago - although I could NEVER acually do it.

    Jane - Sounds expensive to live in Canada!!

    Bunny - I've had to do it to for real in the past, although this is £5 per person per day, I actually had less than that then!!

    Susan T - I think you've hit the nail on the head there, filling and nutritious, and most definately the occasional treat.

    Karen - I'm going to pop by MSE and have a look - thanks.

    Rebecca - I'm glad you're inspired by Spotty Jug, although he's glaring at me after last weeks starvation diet for him!!

    Sue xx

  8. This is really interesting- in my final year of uni last year I lived on £6 a week for food, bulk buying, batch cooking, freezing its absolutely possible! I had no room to grow so I'd go to the market at closing time and get the cheap veg and cook it straight away. Being veggie definately helps! When you dont have any money you can see other people's waste, really interesting experiment- give it a go!

    Holly x

  9. Now you've got me thinking - could I do that? The answer is, I really don't know, but I think it might just be worthwhile giving it a go. Wonder if the DH could be persuaded to give it a go too?
    P xx

  10. Holly - It sounds like you did amazingly well during you last year of Uni. It did teach my son about shopping being at Uni and watching his student debts mount up, he now only buys from the reduced cabinets, and freezes what he doesn't need immediately, so he has a freezer full of cheap and nutritious meals. It helps that he now works at Sainsburys so he has staff discount too!!

    Pam - It's really got me thinking this one. At least there's time to think and plan, I don't suppose people in extreme poverty in third world countries have that luxury.

    I actually sat and worked out how much our eggs cost me to produce, and if I was buying aggs off myself at cost price I worked out they would be 7p each.

  11. Our food / grocery bills are scarey - time to take stock.

  12. This is very interesting and for an amazing cause. Good luck to everyone who gives it a go!

    The book 'How I lived...' was a good read but obviously Kath was helped by very generous friends and a big city (Bristol, I think) full of free buffets! :) She did very well of course.

    Sft x

  13. I found the Kath Kelly book deeply unsatisfying. Mainly because I felt she was quite mean in what she gave away - and greedy in freeloading at other people's events.
    But I approve of this challenge. I will have to work out how to fit it in [on 2nd I am away so would have to start late]


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