Tuesday 19 April 2011

The Challenge -What a Bargain!!

Last week I somehow managed to spend £42.25, not too bad I suppose when some of it went on connectors for a repair to my hosepipe - I'd sprung a leak!!
So Spotty Jug got a donation of £27.75 from me, £10 from Lovely Hubby who had saved money on his lunches at work and a whopping £80 that is my temporary lodgers rent (I could learn to love this B&B lark). With a burp and a rub of his tummy he said 'much better than last week then!'.
I ended the week with a swift dash around 'the bad place' at 3.30pm on Sunday afternoon, thirty minutes before they close when all the reduced items have final reductions on them, and managed to get myself £13.09 worth of bready things for the grand sum of £1.49, see the picture at the top of the post. A saving of £11.60.
LH was particularly impressed with the 5 Apple Doughnuts for 10p, they didn't last very long! Most of it now resides in the freezer, although we did have some of the bread rolls turned into homemade garlic bread with our pasta on Sunday night.
This week to keep things moving along nicely while I'm so motivated I have decided it's Voucher Week. My Tesco Clubcard vouchers arrived in the post last last week and when I came to put them in my purse I discovered I had not spent the last lot yet. So I have £18 in Tesco vouchers a couple of 'extra points for purchases' vouchers, a money off coupon for a yogurt, a competition voucher and £6.75 in Gardening Club vouchers.
As Tesco is a forty minute drive away we don't go there that often, but I have remembered another branch that is near the garden centre where I could spend my Gardening Club vouchers, so one day this week, (I'm only going shopping when the milk runs out) I will head there and try to get as much shopping with my vouchers as possible and try to hang on to my cash so I can make Spotty Jug happy again at the end of the week.
Now I'm off to thin out my baby Broccoli plants and water the polytunnel.
Have a lovely day.
Sue xx


  1. what a fantastic bread haul! sound like a very good week.

  2. Your getting very good at this Sue, I am very impressed. If only I could be as strong minded as you are, you are deffo an inspiration in my eyes xxx

  3. Don't forget the double up for vouchers at Tesco you might have more to spend than you think. Loving the bread haul should last a while xx

  4. Thanks for the pointer Christine, I went on the website to check it out, unfortunately you can't double up for any food items :-( Now that's just not fair Tesco!!

    Sue xx

  5. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear sue
    Happy birthday to you.....
    Hope you have had a gorgeous day..
    What bargains,am green with envy here..
    lots of love

  6. Great haul of bread there Sue!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Hope you are having as much beautiful sunshine as we are today.
    Love Sarah, George Missy and the Chickadees xx

  7. Happy Birthday to You
    Great bargains, there, Sue
    You're a real thrifty shopper
    Lots of bargains, it's true!

  8. Great bargains Sue!

    Glad Spotty Jug is getting filled up nicely!

    Sft x

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you have had a lovely day ... I always pop into our Co-op for the late bread bargains!

  10. This is great! There used to be a committee in my village of bargain hunting ladies- if they got news of a haul in the bargain basement at waitrose closing time a phone tree leapt into action and within half an hour they'd all be there buying discout bread or ham or whatever, share it out and freeze it!Brill way to save money! x


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