Friday, 8 April 2011


Just LOOK at all those bags Mum's got..... none of it's for us though...better carry on getting stuck in to the pig food!!
Yep......I went wild in the aisles.....all my money is gone from this weeks housekeeping, none left for Spotty Jug......Ooops indeed. On the plus side there is cider in the fridge, a tube of Pringles to have with it and lots of potatoes and pasta to make some lovely meals with next week, oh and did I mention the bottle of wine!! The sun has gone to my head.
Have a lovely weekend, let's hope this glorious weather lasts.
Sue xx


  1. Enjoy your cider and this weather its the perfect choice!

    sft x

  2. You both deserve it Sue, enjoy x

  3. Poor old Spotty Jug...going hungry!
    Jane x

  4. A change is a good as a enjoy.

    lynn xx

  5. love your piggies. hugs glenda

  6. Those pigs are sooo cute..i have fell off the budget wagon too..had to do a stock up..and bought the girls some garden i went to the CS and bought a wooden bread bin..£1.50 bargain..just needs some tender loving for the tots well they will love helping me empty the bags when the shopping arrives..not for help but to look for the your wine and cider..
    love sara,fern,iris

  7. I love that first picture of the pigs! I found a spotted jug at a market at the weekend and thought of you, totally forgot to go back and get it due to being distracted by some fabric so also have no money to go into any jug!
    Hope you ejoyed your treats, so nice to have wine and cider in the sun (safe drinking at all times of course!!)
    Take care
    Sarah x


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