Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What I Be Up To !

Although I was working in the Veggie Patch for quite a while yesterday I forgot completely to take my camera over with me, so I have no pictures for you yet, instead here are a couple of photos showing what we bought on Saturday when we went to the Berkshire Country Fayre.

We really splashed out and treated ourselves to a gorgeous Burr Oak Cheese/Bread board, lovingly hand made by a local chap.  Chatting to him about his wares was wonderful, you could feel the love of the wood shining through in every word, you just need objects made with so much love and care in your home don't you...well we did.  He wrapped it lovingly in new bubblewrap and slid it ever so gently into a brand new glossy red carrier bag and then gave us explicit instructions on how to care for it, it was as if he were handing over a new born kitten.  Simply wonderful.

And at the other extreme I picked up for a couple of pounds this sweet little jug and bowl from a little 'pop up' antiques stall, quickly wrapped in manky old newpaper and stuffed into a dirty carrier bag before I even had time to say I would use the bag I already had.  It's destined to be filled with many strawberries and much cream as soon as my little plants give up their fruit.  It's there the fruit, on each plant the delightful clusters of tiny strawberries, we just need a couple more weeks of sunshine and a bit of rain to bring on the true taste of an English Summer.

Back off to the Veggie Patch now, and today I be mainly planting Courgettes (said with a nice Devon accent or as close as I come to doing one).  And I'll take the camera - promise!!

Sue xx


  1. There is a wood turner who sells his wares at our local farmer's market and I have a few of his things now. I just love the simplicity of wood and even more so when you can meet the craftsman (or woman) - it talks to my hand-made soul. I might try and salvage some pots from my meadow - I no longer call it a garden - and plant some veggies before it's too late xx

  2. That is the most beautiful bowl and jug set...and Scottish thistles for your hubby too!
    Jane x

  3. sweet little bowl & jug and wonderful board. I bought an IKEA chopping board recently, but am taking it back - way too heavy.

  4. Thats so lovely...i love the cheese board..i have one made by a local man..its soo much better than anything else i have had..that jug and bowl are gorgeous...i went to a carboot on sunday..and got the girls some lovely clothes..the best ones were the ones who were ironed and hung up and then folded nicely and put in a bag and then the mum told me that her girls had worn them for their birthdays or they have gotten them as gifts..i promised i would look after them and we will..the other hand was a lovely dress from next screwed up and left in a heap and then literally shoved in a bag and chucked back at me...some people are strange..


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