Thursday 31 May 2012

Plans and Giveaways

I did a plan of my Veggie Patch, simply A4 and pencil scribble ......

...... Lovely Hubby took it away to work with him one day and made it all posh.  Now it's A3 and proper printed.

So now I have a posh plan of my Veggie Patch, the only thing is he didn't ask me which way up it was supposed to be, so I have an upside down posh plan of my Veggie Patch, luckily he gave me some blanks too, so I have written on them the right way up and now I can make sense of the whole thing.  It's also way too big, so I have to do a little pencilly scribbly one each day to take out with me.

He's very good to me ...... in his own way!!

So I thought I would be very good to you. 

You have by now probably noticed that I am currently dieting (well healthy eating) the Harcombe way and I treated myself to the new set of Harcombe books, which leaves me with a spare copy of my original book.  I'm offering it as a Giveaway over on my other Blog - nip over and leave a comment if you would be interested in a chance of winning it, the draw will be on Saturday morning. You can be a Follower of either blog to enter, however, the comments should be left over there on the Giveaway post.

Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue,
    Love the veggie patch plan.
    I would love the book, have got them on reserve at the library but they are taking an age to get here & am unable to buy just yet.
    Been on the website etc and really want to give it a try.

  2. Your plan made me giggle...I do the pencil plan too and Chris takes it away and it comes back pretty and colour coded...then I scribble on it again!
    (Just to say don't put me in the draw)
    Jane xx

  3. I had to chuckle: Half a world away and I'm doing the exact same thing today, garden planning! :)

  4. I love scribbly plans but it was good of Lovely Hubby to make you a posh one !

  5. Unfortunately my lovely hubby thinks scribbly garden plans are done by the kids and throws them away. I think I really need to work on my artistic ability. xx Susan


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