Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Day Two - Food and Makings

Breakfast Number 1

I wasn't that hungry first thing so I only had one slice of toast knowing that later I could have ...

..... Breakfast Number 2 (or maybe I could call it elevenses)

Lunch - Leftover soup from Day One and with some added pasta and veg and two slices of toast.

After lunch I decided to plan ahead slightly and make something I knew I would need for the next day, some Mayonnaise.

Separated out the yolks from the whites of 2 of my eggs .....

.... looked out the other ingredients that I had.  I couldn't add the mustard or the white wine vinegar it said I needed.  But after a steady whisking while the oil trickled slowly in, 90mls of my 100mls, I needed the other 10mls for tonight.

.... it slowly turned into half a jar of Mayonnaise - total cost 33.2p and I reckon about 6 servings. All the cost will be absorbed in today's £1 budget.

And what do you get when you use 2 egg yolks, why 2 egg whites of course and as I let nothing go to waste, especially this week, I decided to make some Meringues.

After whisking them up in the mixer, I realised that I needed something sweet to make them taste of anything, and I didn't have any sugar, after checking out one of my little books 'The Shirley Goode Kitchen', still available occasionally here on Amazon

.... I realised I could make Meringue Crunchies (page 9).  I smashed my Special K Bar to bits inside a plastic bag and added it to the egg whites and then baked in the cooling heat of the oven after making a loaf for Lovely Hubby's lunch box.

Nine little blobs of meringue.

For tea we had Falafels with Pasta in Home made Sauce, very tasty and pretty filling.  And later when we were watching tele we had a cup of coffee and 2 little meringues each.  They turned out very well, crispy on the outside and deliciously chewy inside......result!!

Thanks Shirley!

Facts and Figures

Me - Allowance £1

Coffee - 9p
2 Slices Toast with Peanut Butter - 12.5p
Leftover Soup (free)  with added Veg and Pasta and 2 slices toast - 5.3p
Falafels, Pasta and Sauce - 17.7p
2 Meringue Crunchies - 2p
Coffee - 9p

Made - Mayonnaise
2 egg yolks - 3p
90mls Oil - 29.7p
Lemon Juice - .5p
Salt - .05p
Total - 33.2p

Meringue Crunchies (made 9)
2 egg whites - 3p
Special K Bar - 5p
Total - 8p

Total of Meals and Makes - 96.7p

LH - Allowance 33p

Falafels, Pasta and Sauce - 17.7p
2 Meringue Crunchies - 2p

Total - 19.7p

So an evening meal and a dessert for two for less than 40p, I'm very pleased with that !

Come back tomorrow for details of Wednesdays meals, and for more information on the 'Live Below the Line' Challenge click on HERE.

To sponsor me click HERE, or simply sign up as a new Follower of this Blog and 50p will be donated by Lovely Hubby on your behalf.   Thank you to all of you who have already done this.  I've just noticed he owes me YET another pound, thank you folks!!
Sue xx


  1. You are doing really well and your usual inventiveness is really showing. As you made your may to last 6 servings, could you have divided the cost by 3 (or 6) then 'bought' something extra with the difference?

  2. sorry, meant mayo not may!

  3. I don't think I should do that, as it was the original ingredients that had already been budgeted for, and most likely I will use most of it this week anyway....I LOVE mayo!!

    Sue xx

  4. I think you are so inventive Sue. Wow!

    Keep up the great work. You are doing brilliantly.

    Sft x

  5. This is making you so inventive Sue ! Bravo !

  6. Congratulations on the mayo and especially the meringues. You're proving that it is possible to have treats as well as good, filling, healthy meals on very little money. Well done Sue.

    Regards, Sooze xx

  7. You amaze me! I wonder how much we could save if we all ate like this all the time??? xx

  8. I read shirley's blog every day!!

  9. I don't know how you do it. I don't eat expensive food but am hopeless at costing out things. Well done. Your meringues look moreish. I have that book of Shirley's, have had it a while.

  10. I am in awe at what you are doing and so amazed at how organised you are at working all those costings out. I'd be hopeless! By the way, we have the same mug although mine usually gets filled up with tea! xx Susan


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