Saturday 5 May 2012

Today is Saturday and on the agenda is planting, planting, planting oh and then we're off to pick up our six new girls, chickens that is, from a farm not a million miles away from us here in Pangbourne and then maybe a little more planting, then we are scraping off the soil, scrubbing off the mud and donning our 'posh frocks' for a belated birthday meal out. 

The lovely folks at Prezzo sent me a voucher for my birthday- a free bottle of Prosecco, House White or House Red with any meal, so we're off to take advantage.  (Only a month late, not bad for us.)

I think I'll choose the White, it's yummy!

Help......I'm getting pickled!!

The Live Below the Line page  (at the top of the Blog under the header) has been updated, it now has ALL the foods I have been able to buy with my £5, complete with pictures and more information.

  Now all I have to do is wait for Monday.

Remember if you choose to Follow this Blog anytime between 3rd and the 11th May, 50p will be donated by Lovely Hubby on your behalf to my Live Below the Line challenge money.  He's checking the Blog a lot more frequently these days. I think you're getting him worried (inserts happy, grinny face)

He's paid up his first £7, for Followers 387 - 400, thanks folks, it's very appreciated. You can see his donation on my official sponsor page by clicking this years Live Below the Line picture in the sidebar.

Sue xx


  1. Hello, dear! I've just happened upon your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower...
    Anne ♥♥

  2. good luck with the challenge, I to am going to turn my attention to the garden which has been much neglected!in this recent rain (yes I am a fair-weather gardener). enjoy your belated, birthday meal.

  3. Sounds like you've got a lovely and busy day ahead. Good luck with your new girls :)

    I am just off to see the goats. IT"S NOT RAINING!! Going to take Rufus for a walk...

    I will do a shout out about your blog on Monday and try to get some more money out of your hubby!(When I have more readers on FB etc - weekends are always quiet, guess it's a mum thing, they're all looking after their little ones).


  4. Good luck with the planting. We've been able to do hardly any actual planting outside because of the constant deluge we've been having down here, and some of what we had already planted hasn't survived. And it's still too cold to put any of our seedlings out in the unheated greenhouse, so the house is looking more like a greenhouse by the day!

    Enjoy your meal (and wine!).

    Regards, Sooze xx

  5. I so admire you and was so in awe of you doing this challenge last year. Good luck again this year and have fun in the garden. xx Susan

  6. I love the pickle!

    We are going to join you in a whole load of planting today.

  7. I love the face in the pickle jar ! Enjoy your meal - what a treat especially after all the planting.
    It's stopped raining & I need to crack on with preparing to grass seed ( rain stopped play for a couple of weeks ) My mind is willing but my body is not at the moment.

    Had to giggle at your comment at mine. I keep looking in my bedroom & thinking it's someone else's as it's been so shabby for so long ... now it's " Shabby chic !"

  8. The pickle looks really ticked off! I'd be afraid to open that jar.
    Jane x


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