Sunday 6 May 2012

Today we're off to the Car Boot sale we have two cars FULL of STUFF.  STUFF we don't need, STUFF we can't fit in the house, STUFF that was once owned by my Dad or Lovely Hubbys Mum, STUFF full of memories.

But IT IS just STUFF.

 We are selling to folk that want stuff, that maybe need stuff, that's up to them.

Wish us luck we want to come home with a bit of cash and a lot of space (ie... NO stuff). 

Have you noticed that if you say (or write) the same word over and over it loses all meaning!

Remember if you choose to Follow this Blog anytime between 3rd May and the 11th May, 50p will be donated by Lovely Hubby on your behalf to my Live Below the Line challenge money.

There's been a surprise development on my Live Below the Line week, find out just what it is here tomorrow.  It's a little twist that will make me sit up and think a bit more about what I'm eating !

Sue xx


  1. I need to one of those clear outs in my loft. It is floored and my hubby is always the one that goes up, as it is awkward to get into. Well, he used to go up and walk to place things, now he just opens the hatch and pops things in. I have a feeling it is full. Eek!

  2. Ooh, can't wait to read about 'the development'!

    Good luck with the boot sale Sue.....we're off to one this afternoon, not to sell or to buy anything (hopefully!! Am trying to not spend any money!). We just want to check it out with a view to taking all our junky STUFF to sell there soon. It never ceases to amaze me how much STUFF must breed, I reckon.

    Regards, Sooze xx

  3. I love the I went back to being me...I shall def use that one next time someone says something!

  4. Hope you rehomed lots of stuff and made lots of £££'s

  5. Good luck at the car boot, I hope you come home with an empty boot and full pockets ;-)

  6. Don't worry about the car boot, I just need to BOOT stuff. I have way too much of it and it's beginning to irritate me on a grand scale. Am full of wonder about the surprise development. xx Susan

  7. I hope your day has been an enjoyable one and the sale went well and you didn't BRING back anything that you didn't take with you--Which is what I do when I go to things like this! :-)

  8. As I've got so little room, I need containers for the stuff I need. Have a lot of photo albums, which I am ploughing through, my holiday photos from various years, backpacking, cycling, etc. Can't get rid of those, but the obscure photos have gone and are still being looked at.

    I'm good at Ebay but not good at selling face to face. So, good luck with your stuff!

  9. I'm beginning to gather " Stuff " for a boot fair too. Hope you sell all of yours.
    I use the word lovely a lot I've noticed.

  10. I hope the bootfair went well. I have been meaning to do one for ages, we have been collecting STUFF up since the end of last summer :) x x x x


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