Sunday 20 May 2012

Opposite the Back Door

Opposite the back door and just to the left of the herb sinks.

The gorgeous Rhododendron bush, a gentle shade of peachy pink.

The view from the other side of the herb sinks. The Wendy House in the Tree is just to the left of the swings, now gloriously hidden from view with fresh green foliage on all the trees.

The herbs sinks in the middle, with the Clematis laden walkway to the woodland beyond.

Back tomorrow.  Hope your weekend is going well.

Sue xx


  1. What a beautiful garden. My clematis is blooming on the shed roof & gorgous in it's pretty in pink splendour !
    ( It is also keeping the shed held up ! )

  2. It looks lovely Sue x

  3. Wow that all looks amazing!

  4. You know what really stands out for me in these pictures? How wonderfully green your garden is. We're coming to the end of a very dry autumn, which followed a very hot and dry summer, and the frosts have started but there's still no rain. No surprise then that our garden is a little sparse: Lots of dirt patches and the grass is tinged with patches of brown...Quite the contrast!

    P.S. Please head over to my blog if you have not already. I have a surprise for you. ;)

  5. Thats a gorgeous garden Sue
    Sarah xx

  6. You don't happen to open your garden do you Sue? LOL! You really should, it's beautiful! I love the clematis arch. And your swing is so romantic, I can just picture you and OH there!

    Sft x


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